"Not So Hot Porno" is a short skit that was recorded for The Heist album. Its title is a play on "Hot Porno", a skit on the KKK-Unit album. In "Not So Hot Porno", Moon Man is interrupted during sex by Sun Man calling and challenging him to a rap battle. Sun Man tells Moon Man that he has the blueprints to the Universal Race Bank, which Moon Man is trying to acquire to pull off his heist, so Moon Man can't resist meeting the challenge in order to get the blueprints.

Lyrics Edit

You wanted a cock. Come on, here take it. Suck it. Oh fickity fuck fuck, not this again.

[phone ringing]

Hope it's not another jigaboo who wants to battle rap me.

What do you want, fuckface?

[Sunman] Come to the alley next to the grocery store. I got the blueprints.

Oh really?

[Sunman] Yes. I swear I do have the blueprints of the Universal Race Bank.

Well, this sounds legit, but why will you give me blueprints that I need?

[Sunman] You think I will simply give it to you? No no. You will have to battle rap me to have them.

Okay you jigaboo faggot. Fuck. Sorry girl but I have some business to do. This fucking nigger thinks he really can beat me? Pfft fucking faggot.

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