Notorious KKK is the first compilation album of classic songs by Moon Man. Since WhiteTopia is the first official studio Moon Man album made, Notorious KKK is the first unofficial album.

Background Edit

Although the album is "unofficial," it includes highly acclaimed and well-known classic Moon Man songs from the YTMND era, such as the title track, "Notorious KKK". The extended Soundcloud edition of the album also includes three freestyle tracks from artist TLC44xRacing. There is also a little-known bonus track entitled "Black 'People.'"

Reception Edit

The album was released on August 9th, 2015. In the old days when the individual tracks were created, each received enough positive acclamation to be included in the album. Songs like "Notorious KKK" and "Killing Niggers" are widely considered to be the original songs that spawned the Moon Man meme.

Track Listing Edit

Track # Track Name Remix Of Performer(s)
1 Notorious KKK "Hypnotize" by Notorious B.I.G. Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Sun Man
2 Killing Niggers "Ridin Spinners" by Three 6 Mafia Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Sun Man, Paco the Spic
3 Hit Em' Up (feat. Three K Mafia) "Hit 'Em Up" by 2Pac Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Sun Man, Star Man
4 Crank Dat "Crank That (Souja Boy)" by Soulja Boy Tell'em Moon Man, Audrina Patridge
5 Feminists Unknown Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Sun Man
6 First Racist Rant Moon Man
7 Got Money In The Bank "Money In The Bank" by Lil Scrappy Moon Man, Sun Man
8 PoKKKer Face "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga Moon Man, Sun Man, Bonzi Buddy, Goofy Clown Face, Star Man, Audrina Patridge, Charles Moonington, Drew
9 Second Racist Rant Moon Man
10 Spics 'n' Jews "Gin 'n' Juice" by Snoop Dogg Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Sun Man
11 Today Was A Good Day "Today Was a Good Day" by Ice Cube Moon Man, Audrina Patridge
12 Regulators "Regulate" by Warren G Moon Man, Audrina Patridge
13 Racist Freestyle Unknown Moon Man
14 The Story of Old Man McGee "Sunshine" by Atmosphere Moon Man
15 Arab Freestyle Unknown Moon Man
16 Moon King "Ramen King" by Pink Guy Moon Man, Sun Man, Audrina Patridge
17 Mexican Freestyle Unknown Moon Man
18 Notorious KKK (Live) "Hypnotize" by Notorious B.I.G. Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Sun Man
BONUS Black "People" "Short People" by Randy Newman Moon Man, Randy Newman

Soundcloud Player Edit

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