OG DankSwank is an american rapper. He is a crappy rip-off of Moon Man. A feud between him and Moon Man started in late 2015.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about DankSwank's past. The only thing known is that he was born in WhiteTopia and is a part of the KKK.

A feud between him and Moon Man started in late 2015 on The White Album: Part 1. Moon Man dissed him with the songs "Worthless Nigger", "Go To Sleep", "Faggot", and "Bitten Hard".

Despite the antagonism between Moon Man and himself, DankSwank appeared with a few lines in The Killing Moon version of "Eugenics", in which he is supportive of Moon Man and is not rebuked.

DankSwank has released 1 album, although it is confirmed that a new album is in the works.

Discography Edit

Forever White (2015)

Jenuhsahyd (TBA)

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