"Ode to India" is an anti-Indian song that Moon Man recorded for The Lunatic album. For a backing track it uses "Mundian To Bach Ke" by Panjabi MC. It was produced by Idiotska.

Lyrics Edit

You've heard a lot of songs about coons Now it's time for a song about poons Yeah I'm talking about indian shit right here This goes out to all the fuckers in tech support that answer my calls And the restaurant down the road that sells shitty food A little something for the dotheaded bitches, too

India is a horrible place full of horrible people

First off, fuck you pakis in the tech support I want to hunt you curryniggers for sport Traveling to India? Better get a barf bag Their food is gonna make you gag

But you shouldn't go to India in the first place I wanna punch every boojie right in their face Pull off their turbans and light fire to their beard That language you speak is fucking weird

It sure ain't English when you call me on the phone Spend an hour listening to you drone You curryniggers talk in a dull tone You all deserve to be stoned, okay?

Honor killing? Totally into that I'll kill every indian honorably Just one bullet per haji

Now to talk about your rivers of shit You bathe in them and get gonorrhea in your clit I find it hard to rape you ugly dothead bitches Instead I'll just leave you in stitches

With that thick black hair on your brow Maybe I'll just kill you anyhow You'll leave behind eighteen kids Sell them to slavers for the highest bids

Bla bla bla This is Apple tech support How can I help you today? Bitch please

Fuck your 7-11s and fuck your spicy food Fuck your elephant gods and fuck your cows too You've got sikhs there, they all suck They fuck goats, whether they're on a boat or in a truck

Throw acid in your mamma's face I want to exterminate the indian race All of you are a big disgrace You curryniggers should know your place Below the superior White master race

You come to America to get a degree But you aren't even worthy to drink my pee Instead, throw my boot on your head Curbstomp you until you're dead I won't stop until I see red

Get out of those convenient stores You fucking bindi-wearing unibrow whores

I fucking hate your shitty vindaloo The only thing that's worse is a fucking jew Honestly, I have nothing else to say to you Your entire country smells like poo

I'll say it again I hate all of you ugly stinky smelly curryniggers You fucking poons smell worse than the coons I'm out


Moon KKKrew Productions, 2015, The Lunatic