Older Office Lady: Using Her Seductive Tongue
File:Older Office Lady - Using Her Seductive Tongue.jpg
Theatrical poster for Older Office Lady: Using Her Seductive Tongue (2005)
Directed by Yumi Yoshiyuki[1]
Written by Yumi Yoshiyuki
Tadaichi Honda
Starring Aya Tanikawa
Lemon Hanazawa
Arisu Kagamino
Shin'ya Sekimoto
Music by Kiichi Katō
Cinematography Ōyamada Katsuji
Editing by Kunihiko Ukai
Distributed by OP Eiga
Release date(s) March 30, 2005
Running time 60 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Older Office Lady: Using Her Seductive Tongue (年上のOL 悩ましい舌使い Toshiue no OL: Nayamashii Shita Tsukai?) is a 2005 Japanese pink film written and directed by Yumi Yoshiyuki, who also acts in the film. Yoshiyuki filmed Older Office Lady: Using Her Seductive Tongue for her own Office Yoshiyuki production company, and it was released theatrically in Japan by OP Eiga on March 30, 2005.[1] It won the award for Sixth Best Film at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony.[2]


Nariko, who works in an art gallery, becomes acquainted with Takashi, a high school student, when he helps her find her luggage. The two become friends, and Takashi falls in love with Nariko, who is involved with Kiryu. Takashi must leave when his father moves for business reasons. Two years later, Takashi returns to Tokyo to attend university, and Nariko has broken up with Kiryu. Nariko and Takashi become reacquained and their old friendship is rekindled.[3]


  • Aya Tanikawa (谷川彩) as Nariko Himemiya[3]
  • Lemon Hanazawa as Rika Takatsuki
  • Arisu Kagamino (鏡野有栖) as Wakaba Kusano
  • Shin'ya Sekimoto (関本真矢) as Takashi Tenjō
  • Monto Hirakawa (平川文人 as Kiryu
  • Takahiro Nomura (野村貴浩) as Ryūji
  • Yumi Yoshiyuki as Saki Shinohara



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Preceded by
Beautiful Breast Violence: Indecent Nude
(2003, due to tie in 2004)
Pink Grand Prix Sixth Best Film
Succeeded by
Mature Woman: Wife-Hunting

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