The Order of Null is a quasi-religious society based in Alan Dean Foster's fictional Humanx Commonwealth universe.

This is a new group, its first appearance was in the novel Flinx's Folly where members of the order twice tried to kill Flinx. In Patrimony the Order advertised for assassins to kill Flinx. The only one who accepted the offer subsequently killed himself after he went insane after being exposed to the Great Void by Flinx's telepathic abilities. The members are apparently ordinary humans, no alien members have yet been depicted, who carry no distinctive traits other than a complete lack of fear of death.

Somehow the order has learned of the existence of the great evil that is behind the Great Emptiness and Flinx’s key role in averting the danger this evil poses to the Commonwealth. This knowledge was become twisted around so that the Order is now attempting to block all efforts to stop the unnamed evil.

Little else is known about the order, including membership, size, original source, and funding.

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