Orderrealm Deception

Orderrealm (Mortal Kombat: Deception)

The Orderrealm, alternatively called Seido, is a fictional realm in the Mortal Kombat video game series.

About Orderrealm

As the polar opposite of Chaosrealm, Seido is a place where law, order and structure prevail above anything else. It appears to be a clear, advanced, highly urbanised and civilized world, though it is also marked by a constant strife between the Seidan Guard and the armed Resistance, an amalgamation of revolutionaries who are dissatisfied with the realm's strict policies (belching is a crime). Both sides are equally ruthless and manipulative in this conflict. Seido is also locked in an ongoing struggle to control Chaosrealm's large reserves of water, and to maintain outposts of law and order in other realms.

The name Seido has various appropriate translations from Japanese, including system, organization, and precision.

Native realm species

Seidans are humanoid in form but, like many other species in the realms of Mortal Kombat, possess greater affinities with magic and have a much longer life expectancy. Their obsession with structure and organization has led to the fact that they seem to care more about abstract things than they do about life and death, which makes them, curiously, a lot like the Chaosrealmers. Despite the egalitarian, clear outlook of their society, Seidans are tense people and many have reservations about their ruling caste, as is demonstrated by Darrius's Resistance movement.

Rulers of Orderrealm

Notable residents

  • Native: Hotaru, Darrius
  • Outcast: Dairou was born on Seido

Relationships with other realms

So long as they can enforce order in a realm, the people of Seido will consider any realm an ally. Most other realms, such as Edenia, share an uncertain or uneasy relationship with Orderrealm due to the oppressive nature of its law enforcers, who insist upon maintaining absolute order. The greatest threat it faces is from its polar opposite, Chaosrealm. Aside from that, it is subject to no real external threats.

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