The Oregon is the name of a (seagoing) ship in an eponymous series of fiction novels, The Oregon Files. The series was written by author Clive Cussler, co-author Craig Dirgo, and later another co-author, Jack Du Brul.


The Oregon is a high tech ship owned by a private secret service organization called 'the Corporation'. It is disguised as a rusty old tramp steamer, to add to its appearance of authenticity this disguise is highly detailed; including a fake mess hall, a captain's cabin with smoke infused substances, a dis-functional toilet, and a painting of a depressing velvet clown. In reality it is a hive of activity with luxury facilities and top of the range technical machines. It includes Cruise missiles, torpedoes, 30mm Gatling guns, a 120mm cannon and .30-caliber machine guns all remotely operated. The ship is powered by magnetohydrodynamic engines. Its control centre is said to have the feel of the starship Enterprise.


Book 5 of the Oregon Files: Plague Ship (2008)
Book 4 of the Oregon Files:Skeleton Coast (2006)

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