Oskar Kokoshka is a lazy, Czech character on the Nicktoon, Hey Arnold!. He lives in Arnold's boarding house, where he is hated by all of the other boarders. He has many flaws. He gambles badly, is illiterate, plays the saxophone horribly, has a lousy job as a paper boy, and shows little interest in anyone but himself. Oskar is married to Suzy Kokoshka, an American woman. Suzy's cousin has a son named Oskar, named "before [she] met [Suzy's] Oskar." However, in several episodes, Oskar shows signs of maturing. In one episode, he becomes separated from Suzy, but Arnold brings them back together. After failing to trick others into believing he could read, he does make an effort to become literate - though it nearly got him lost forever in the City, he eventually was able to read his way back.


  • The word kokoshka in Bulgarian and Serbian (кокошка) means hen.
  • To be called a "Kokoshka" is to be called lazy or disruptive.
  • It is likely that Oskar is named after the Austrian artist (of Czech origin) Oskar Kokoschka.

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