The "Outro" to New Era starts with a hiphop beat and at then end transitions into Moon Man's classic Mac Tonight theme from his career as a McDonalds mascot.

Lyrics Edit

Don't be sad that it's over Be glad that we killed the blacks over and over Again Don't be crappy, be happy that the jews are sappy

Because they are stuck to the floor of my gas chamber At least there is less anger And there is a New Era Go move to the Sahara

Put on mascara Fight a chimaera Change your name to Sarah Before I terraform your face, nigger

I really appreciate what you guys are doing Ya know, doing this album, so Thank you for beholding this, and tonight Don't forget to head for golden lights, huh!

It's a good time for that great taste Dinner! At McDonalds... It's Mac Tonight!

Come on make it Mac Tonight!

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