The "Outro" to Part 1 of the The White Album is a brief recording of a conversation between Dylann Roof and Moon Man.

Lyrics Edit

[Dylann Roof] Yo Malcolm, what the fuck is up.

Some really good shit man. WhiteTopia, certified diamond. That's the best fucking thing ever man.

[Dylann Roof] I know right? Well, um, we have some bad news.

Bad news? Well, what is it?

[Dylann Roof] Remember how OG DankSwank made that cameo at the end of the album? Well, now he's saying that he didn't give us permission, so they are thinking about pulling the album off of store shelves along with The Lunatic.

Oh god no. That spearchucker. We have to get the KKK and lynch his pussy ass.

[Dylann Roof] I totally agree. Let's go kill him.

Okay, but before we go I have to say a few things.

Moon KKKrew, this is the first part of a two-part saga. Spyro is working hard in the studio to make some more dope tracks, so give him some respect.

Also, to be continued.