The "Outro" to WhiteTopia is a remix of "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit. This outro has its own outro, with a different beat, in which Microsoft Sam tardily enters the empty studio, too late for the recording session he had been scheduled for, and rambles on for a short time while being recorded. Microsoft Sam was the name of a text-to-speech-rapping humanoid duck who was a devout Moonist. However, Sam would later adopt the moniker OG DankSwank and develop his own rap career in a pale imitation of Moon Man's style. Moon Man saw him as an imposter who was trying to ride his coattails, and he now considers OG DankSwank an enemy.

Lyrics Edit

What the fuck Is this motherfucking mic working or not? A-yo Check 1 2

I hit that bitch Anita Sarkeesian like a G Now those feminists wanna yell at me When did I ever give a fuck? What? All of you minorities are fresh out of luck Oh, the motherfucking OG Moon is back Kill a black, smoke some crack, talk some smack Same old routine, it's obscene How you wanna hate on me for just not admitting what you see Let's look at the facts, right On the truth I shed some light The Whites need to just try to fight For a Topia that is pure and White Slip down with the flow Come on, let's roll

This is WhiteTopia Laying it down Sitting on a margarita Fucking up your town Pour out those shots We're filling those slots Fuck the backs Let's kill this track

Round 2, where we at? You've never ever seen a thing like that Despair is in the air when Moonman Tells a feminist to suck his pair, oh yeah But I ain't all about that Kill any negro who crossed my path Slipping it down like a motherfucker I don't care if you're trying be hard or not If youtube wants to be stopping me from doing my raps About hating the blacks Then so fucking be it You can't stop me talking shit So let go Drop and roll with the flow

This has been the one and only WhiteTopia Released on June 1, 2015 How's that for a comeback? Oh yeah Aw shit The end Credit roll, I think I think I know mine Yeah Come on

[Microsoft Sam] Hello Is there anybody in here? Just nod if you can hear me What the hell I guess I'm late to the party Is this thing recording? Sweet You've just witnessed something extraordinary WhiteTopia Oh yeah At least I get paid for this I'm getting too old for this shit Good night I'm leaving now Soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi

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