On the "Outro" to White $upremacy, the 9th and last track on the EP, Moon Man focuses solely on killing niggers, including Sun Man specifically. Sun Man makes an appearance in the song, exhorting Moon Man to give up his nigger-killing ways and to become friends with him, to which Moon Man responds negatively in the extreme.

Lyrics Edit

Yo It may be the end of the album But it's a new beginning Of a life of nigger killing Mac Tonight gonna lynch a black tonight And whip their back tonight That's right Just remember to dismember those niggers Pull all of your triggers I hope one day we all can see eye to eye About the fact that all niggers should die We could lure them all with a chicken fry Please remember that when I go to bed Killing niggers is all that goes through my head I wish I could shoot them all dead But since I can't do that I think I'll settle for one van I think it's time I ended the Sun Man

[Sun Man] Moon Man, please stop what you are doing This isn't going anywhere Can't you see, racial equality is everywhere? I think that we could become good friends And please put down that gun and we can start over all again

Fuck off nigger I don't care what you say Niggers aren't even people, anyway Get on your knees and prepare to meet your maker You porchmonkey circle-jerking masturbator [gunshots] Fucking prick Now all you feminists get on the ground And start sucking my dick Now I think it's time I crack a beer Now all of you true Aryans listen here I think there is something that I should address When you're killing niggers, hire a spic to clean up the mess

Oh yeah White $upremacy Killing niggers in 2015

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