Over-Run is the name of several fictional character from the various Transformers universes.

Transformers: Generation 1Edit

Transformers character
Generation 1 Over-Run toy
Affiliation Autobot
Sub-Group Action Master, Elite Guard
Function Air Defense
Motto "I rule the skies with a heavy hand!"
Alternate Modes None
Series Transformers: Generation 1

Over-Run is an Autobot Action Master. Over-Run takes orders from no one but himself.

He pilots an advanced model Attack Copter, which has a maximum speed of 340mph, a flying range of 1200 miles, and is armed with air-to-ground magnetic missiles and a rotary photon pulse button. Also converts to a double-barreled concussion cannon emplacement.

Animated seriesEdit


Although the U.S. animated series was canceled before Over-Run was created he did appear briefly in animated form in the first commercials for Action Masters, where Optimus Prime asked who would become one of the Action Masters.[1]

IDW PublishingEdit

Over-Run is one of the Autobots stationed at the Garrus-9 penal colony under the command of Ultra Magnus in Spotlight Arcee.

Fun PublicationsEdit

Thunderclash, Dion, Flak, Kup, Landshark, Metalhawk, Over-Run and Ironfist battle against a horde of Insecticons. [2] [3]


  • Generation 1 Action Master Over-Run (1990)
A new mold. [4]

Transformers: ArmadaEdit

Transformers character
Over-Run in Dreamwave comics
Affiliation Mini-Con
Sub-Group Triple Changers
Partner Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus
Motto "To understand your adversary... you must first understand yourself."
Alternate Modes Cybertronian jet/gun
Series Transformers: Armada
Transformers: Universe

Over-Run is the Mini-Con partner to Optimus Prime and later Ultra Magnus.

Over-Run is a Mini-Con who turns into a jet and has a third mode as a handgun. He was officially labeled as a "Triple Changer" in his Dreamwave comics, although this term is not used on his packaging.

As the Over-Run toy released in the Universe toy line had no biography and has not appeared in fiction, it is unknown if he is the same character.

Animated seriesEdit

Although Over-run didn't appear in the Transformers: Armada series story, an animation of him combining with Optimus Prime did appear in the Japanese opening of the series.

Dreamwave ProductionsEdit

In Transformers: Armada by Dreamwave Productions Over-Run is a Mini-Con from a universe where Unicron consumed Cybertron. He made his way to another universe under threat of being consumed by Unicron with the Mini-Con Matrix in order to stop Unicron.

In the Transformers: Energon the Omnicons are four young Autobots who were trained by the Mini-Con Over-Run. They are described as the next stage of Transformer evolution.

In the unreleased last issues of the Energon series Over-Run was attacked by Starscream while linked to the planet Cybertron.

Fun PublicationsEdit

Years after his death in the Energon series in the Fun Publications story Balancing Act Over-Run aided Alpha Trion and his allies on Cybertron when they were attacked. Over-Run activated the defenses that helped take down Dark Scorponok.


  • Armada Deluxe Optimus Prime with Over-Run (2002)
A new mold.[5]
  • Universe Deluxe Ultra Magnus with Over-Run (2004)
A repaint of the deluxe-sized Armada Optimus Prime in white, with Mini-Con Over-Run, packaged with Universe Treadshot and his Mini-Con Nightbeat. This Ultra Magnus has not appeared in any Universe storyline, but the box made mention of an old rivalry with Treadshot. [6]


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