Overdrive is the name of a several fictional characters in the various Transformers universes.

Transformers: Generation 1Edit

Transformers character
Affiliation Autobot
Sub-Group Omnibots
Function Flying Trooper
Motto "The race is not important; the finish line is."
Alternate Modes Ferrari 308, Honda S2000
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Alternators

Overdrive is an Omnibot who turns into a car.[1][2][3]

Overdrive's Dreamwave bio described him as incredibly fast, both physically and mentally – which, unfortunately, had brought with it a severe case of arrogance. Even the other Omnibots have to suffer his continuing putdowns and superiority complex. Because of this other Autobots shun him, and hope he can get his ego under control before he is abandoned entirely.

Original show bibles discovered in 2007 revealed the biography written by Bob Budiansky. This biography describes as a road racer who will do anything to win, including fly right off the road.[4]


In the Transformers Manga #5 Galvatron and his Decepticons attacked the Prime Energy Tower. Galvatron ordered the Decepticons to form Menasor, Devastator and Bruticus and attack. Rodimus Prime counted this move by ordering in Superion, Omega Supreme and Defensor. Galvatron then ordered in Predaking, knowing that Sky Lynx was elsewhere and couldn't counter them. Rodimus ordered the Omnibots to attack Predaking's legs. Tripping up the giant he fell into the other Decepticon giants, winning the day for the Autobots.[5]

Dreamwave ProductionsEdit

Overdrive and the other Omnibots made a brief cameo appearance in the second G1 miniseries from Dreamwave Productions. Their bodies were seen as victims of Menasor's rampage.

Transformers: BinaltechEdit

Binaltech Overdrive is among the various characters to appear in a simple flash fighting game available on the Japanese Honda web site.[6]


  • Generation 1 Omnibot Overdrive
Originally part of the Diaclone toy line. The three Omnibot toys were offered exclusively as mail order items by Hasbro in the US, obtained by sending in collectable Robot Points off boxes plus $5 shipping. During 1985 the number of orders for Omnibots exceeded expectations by Hasbro, who extended the offer. They had nearly 50,000 orders for Camshaft alone by July. [7]
  • Binaltech Overdrive
Overdrive transforms into a Honda S2000 but was characterised as Windcharger in Alternators as the Overdrive name was unavailable to Hasbro. The figure is surrounded in some controversy, as Takara's Overdrive version includes a long gun barrel that forms the car mode's driveshaft, while Hasbro's Windcharger version had the barrel deleted. Windcharger's gun was otherwise unchanged, and still includes the connecting point for the absent barrel.
Another source of confusion is the Head sculpt for the Decepticon retooled from the convertible S2000, Decepticharge. Decepticharge's head resembles the original (Generation 1) Windcharger's animated version, and is the source of rumors that the 2005 Ford Mustang GT robot used to create Grimlock and Wheeljack was intended to be Windcharger's body.

Transformers: Super LinkEdit

Overdrive was the Takara name for the Autobot Cliffjumper.


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