Overture is a television news music package created by Stephen Arnold. This package was developed for KSTP-TV in Minnesota's Twin Cities in 1999. Over 80 musicians made contributions to this package, which contains 36 central themes and over 1,000 cuts.

Stations that used or have used OvertureEdit

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used
5. San Francisco, California KRON-TV My Network TV, formerly NBC 2001-2007
6. Dallas, Texas KATA-CA Multimedios, formerly Almavision 2006-Present
6. Ft. Worth, Texas KXTX-TV, formerly KDTV Telemundo 2005-Present
10. Houston, Texas KHLM-LP Multimedios 2006-Present
12. Phoenix, Arizona KTAZ, formerly KDRX Telemundo 2006-Present
15. Alexandria, Minnesota & Redwood Falls, Minnesota KSAX-TV ABC 2000-Present
15. Twin Cities, Minnesota KSTC-TV, formerly KVBM Independent, formerly HSN 1999-2003
15. Twin Cities, Minnesota KSTP-TV ABC 1999-2005
18. Denver, Colorado KMGH-TV ABC 2002-Present
41. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania WHTM-TV ABC 2003-2006
43. Las Vegas, Nevada KVPX-LP Multimedios 2006-Present
47. Greensboro, North Carolina WFMY-TV CBS 2001-2004
50. Jacksonville, Florida WTEV-TV CBS, formerly UPN 2002-Present
57. Little Rock, Arkansas KARK-TV NBC 2002-2006
59. Mobile, Alabama WKRG-TV CBS 2004-Present
62. Tulsa, Oklahoma KJRH NBC 2002-2006
94. Colorado Springs, Colorado KKTV CBS 2002-2005
113. Traverse City, Michigan WWUP/WWTV-TV CBS 2002-2006
129. Corpus Christi, Texas KZTV-TV CBS 2002-2004
196. San Angelo, Texas KLST-TV CBS 2005-Present

Outside USAEdit

Market Station Affiliation Years Used
Monterrey, Mexico XHAW-TV Multimedios Television 2005-Present

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