Produced by La Boîte
Written by Michel Leray
Starring Loïc Houdré
Ludovic Berthillot
Lyia Terki
Music by Olivier Armand
Michael Goreman
Distributed by Talantis Films
Release date(s) 16 April 2009
Running time 9 minutes 25 seconds
Language French
Official website
IMDb profile

Pâques Man is a 2000 French short horror film written and directed by Michel Leray.[1][2]


Mr. Cadoeuf (Ludovic Berthillot), the CEO of the Kinder chocolate company, is kidnapped in a parking lot. Later, he wakes up in a room and discovers a television remote and a mysterious man (the captor) appears on the television in the room to tell him that the key to escape is hidden in a Kinder Surprise grafted under his skin. Mr. Cadoeuf is also told that he has a limited amount of time to get the key out of his body and escape the room before a deadly bomb explodes.[3]

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The short film has clearly inspired many horror films such as Saw by James Wan.

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