Pangalawang Cubicle (Second Cubicle)
Pangalawang cubicle

Pangalawang Cubicle Theatrical Poster

Hali ka na at pumasok sa, Pangalawang Cubicle
Directed by Jenriel Pons Lagat
Produced by BroAndy Productions
Written by Kim April Bato, Louiegee Gingco, Meljie Cuñado and Jenriel Lagat
Starring Trina Lois Centino
Gerardo Guangco
Brylle Vincent Labuanan
Lorraine Mariel Casiño
Meljie Mae Cuñado
Russell Ferrer
Renelyn Magallon
Editing by Jenriel Pons Lagat
Running time Approx: 30 mins.
Country Philippines
Language Filipino / Tagalog

Pangalawang Cubicle (Second Cubicle) is a Filipino Short project film of third year students by Xavier University High School released in December 2009. It was shown at SM Cagayan de Oro City Cinemas on December 8,2009 with other 7 short films made by Third year Students. This short film is made by amateur film makers.

genre: Horror


Audrey De Los Santos (Trina Centino) is a transferee at Xavier_University_–_Ateneo_de_Cagayan High School during her 3rd year in High School. When she passes by the Ladies Comfort Room on the second floor of the building, she feels a strange presence that she could not explain to herself. When she entered the classroom she met 3 people who became her best friends at school namely Michael (Gerardo Guangco) David (Brylle Labuanan) and Christine (Lorraine Casiño). They became friends but then the strange presence that she felt became stronger and stronger as the days pass by. Little did she know that this mystery also has a connection from her past--- with her lost sister.


Main CastEdit

  • Trina Lois Centino as Audrey De Los Santos
  • Gerardo Guangco as Michael Tsui
  • Brylle Vincent Labuanan as David Dy
  • Lorraine Mariel Casiño as Christine Chavez
  • Meljie Mae Cuñado as Guro and MJ

Supporting CastEdit

  • Russell Ferrer as Kaibigan ni Girl
  • Renelyn Magallon as Girl

Special CameoEdit

  • Jenny Yu
  • Arvin Galupo
  • David Awiten
  • Jenriel Lagat
  • Danielle Almazan
  • Kristine Pilapil
  • Muriel Melchor
  • Augustine Abragan
  • Sang Hyeon Lee
  • Charlotte Digamo
  • Raymund Malinao
  • Vincent Go


XUHS Film Fest AwardsEdit

  • Best in Scriptwriting
  • Best in Sound Effects
  • Best Director (Jenriel Pons Lagat)
  • The 1st St. Francis Xavier Digital Film Fest Best Short Film
  • Viewers choice Award

Cinemagis (Northern Mindanao) Film Fest AwardsEdit

  • Audience Choice Award
  • Male Star of the Night: Jenriel Pons Lagat

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