Pen Ty Kora "The Healer" is a fictional wizard from the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. He was one of the three pupils (including Gareth Yaztromo and Arakor Nicodemus) of Vermithrax Moonchaser, the Grand Wizard of Yore. He lives in the world of Titan, in a cave in the Icefinger Mountains of Allansia.

He was originally born in Arantis where he grew up in one of the temples of Kaynlesh-Ma, however due to his delvings into the medicinal arts his work took him further from home. Then one day his old friend and fellow pupil Arakor Nicodemus came to him asking to be cured from a curse laid upon him by necromancers. However after helping Nicodemus the effects of the dark magic crippled Pen Ty Kora severely. He soon moved to his cave and became a recluse not long after. Nowadays he refuses to see anyone unless they need his healing arts.

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