"Penis" is a song that Moon Man's YTMND friend Pilleater recorded for Moon Man's album The Lunatic, where the song appears as a hidden track.

In the song, Pilleater expresses her love for YTMND, gay porn, and Banjo-Kazooie.

Lyrics Edit

Yeah, nigger fuck fuck This is why the jews rule the world It's Pilleater, 2015 I'm back nigger Suck my dick

Yo, it's Pilleater here I make sites on YTMND all the time I'm a swag king I'm still here Doing my thing, bitch I just got one YTMND is 5, bitch I got a big dick I'm gonna run around And flash that shit like Lenny Kravitz Oh shit

I'm live, bitch, making a good site If you don't like it, we can start a fight I win all my fights, every single day Because I'm with Moonman and the KKK

With the KKK With the KKK With the KKK With the KKK

I'm gonna butt-rape you with a huge dildo Harder than the hardest stone you can throw I just smoked a big fat bong Nigger, I'm high as shit for sho

I've been looking at that gay porn Gonna jerk off to some gay porn Oh, I try so hard to find black japanese girls to get on my dick But when they do, I kill them because they're niggers too

Like Moonman, I hate all the jews He makes sure I always get my way Why does he do this? Why? you ask Because I'm with the KKK

With the KKK With the KKK With the KKK

Stop zionist politics, Moonman, KKK Kill all the jews every single day Do it every way, do it for me, Pilleater And the KKK

Niggers, fuck you I play Banjo-Kazooie I do it, and I'm getting that ice key I go look at Humba Wumba I wanted to fuck her Go on, Rule 34 Bitch, open up your butthole Lemme do a rim job Let me lick that chocolate shit asshole from your rim Banjo 2 is harder But Banjo-Kazooie is a much easier game Nigger, I play that shit every day Get a glitch, and I can't beat the game Faggot, faggot, faggot, Eminem I gotta find some Humba Wumba porn If you collect all the blue eggs and lizard eggs Supposedly Mumbo Jumbo is supposed to take off his mask That was a lie in fourth grade, that shit ain't true y'all Stop zionist media They impic motherfuckers Pilleater signing off Killer Peace

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