The Penny Plunderer (Joe Coyne) is an adversary of Batman who first appeared in World's Finest Comics #30 in 1947.[1][2]

He began his career selling newspapers for only a penny, but he was soon caught stealing pennies. He now commits crimes which center around pennies.[3] In The Penny Plunderers, he left Batman and Robin in a deathtrap with a penny each as a token of their worth - just two cents. Batman turned the tables by using the coins to make a battery and signal for help.[4] The giant penny often shown in the Batcave is a trophy of Batman's defeat of The Penny Plunderer.[5]

Though he is a classic adversary of Batman, he has recently been ret-conned out of Batman's rogue gallery. The giant penny has also been the focus of a ret-con and is now canonically known as an item that Two-Face attempted to use to crush Batman. The Penny Plunderer's last known whereabouts were in Arkham Asylum. He wore a green suit and had orange hair. He made only one appearance.

In Scarecrow/Two Face: Year One, Penny Plunderer made a cameo appearance where he died in the crossfire of a battle between Two Face and the Batman.


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