Pestar (ペスター Pesutaa?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman.Pestar appeared in Episodes 13.

Subtitle: Oil monster (油獣 Yujū?).

Ultraman Edit


Pestar was a natural beast from the depths of the sea, who made himself known to the world of man by lighting an Iranian oil plant ablaze, but they couldn’t locate the cause. The oil drinking kaiju made his way towards Japan. As a drunk man staggered about around an oil reserve in Tokyo Bay, he saw a series of bright flashes below the water, moving towards shore. As he followed, the flashes, they seemed to vanish. He tried to tell workers of what he saw, but they didn’t believe him in his drunken state. However, after they left, Pestar rose from the sea and lit their truck ablaze, then took it into the sea to feed upon its oil. The Science Patrol was called in to investigate, though they found nothing, believing it’d only been the disillusion of a drunkard, however, the man continued to insist he’d seen the monster. However, the Science Patrol felt that it may be connected to the oil tanker explosions in the Middle East. As they spoke, Pestar made himself known again, destroying a tanker at sea and dragging it down into the depths. Now sure there is a giant monster on the loose, the Science Patrol quickly tried to figure out what to do and came to the conclusion it was likely the Oil Refinery was its next target. They discover they’ll need to be careful, as Pestar’s stomach is full of oil, meaning he may explode if killed wrong. A trap is set using oil barrels as bait, trying to lure him into the open, the Science Patrol prepared to launch their attack but Pestar refused to appear and they were running out of fuel. However, Pestar finally showed himself, surfacing to feed on the oil trap. They waited as barrels of oil were consumed by the deep sea monster, then fired but the huge behemoth dove underwater and swam towards the mainland. Enraged by an accidental shot, Pestar unleash his fire stream, setting the oil barrels ablaze, then marched inland to find more oil. The massive creature set the entire refinery ablaze with his fire. The Science Patrol, realizing there was nothing to be done, opened fire on the creature, but it did little more than anger him. However, the flames surrounding him dried the behemoth out, causing him to collapse unconscious but meanwhile, the fires he lit continued to burn over the entire refinery, threatening to consume all the oil, and it seemed nothing anyone could do could stop them. Hayata, realizing this, became Ultraman to put out the flames. But as he marched through the blazing oil fields, Pestar regained consciousness and blasted him in the back with his flames, injuring him. However, Ultraman quickly recovered and unleashed the Specium Ray into his head, killing the oil drinking kaiju once and for all. After Pestar was killed, Ultraman used his Ultra-Shower to extinguish the flames and save the oil refinery.

Stats Edit

His height is around 50 Meters tall. He weighs around 25,000 Tons.

Ultraman Powered Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.

His height is around 50 Meters tall. He weighs around 46,000 Tons.

A creature from the Pacific Ocean floor, Pestar attacked western coast oil refineries to feed. WINR barely managed to locate his heat signature and started to track Pestar in Antonio Bay using a submarine called the Barricuda. It did not take long for the Barricuda to locate Pestar and go into pursuit. However, Pestar's size caught WINR by surprise as he soon grabbed the Barricuda until the sonar was amplified, disrupting his sensitive organs and forcing him to flee in a cloud of ink. Upon further analysis of Pestar showed that he is highly flammable because of his diet of petroleum products. The next day, the Barricuda was launched again with sonic weapons to destroy Pestar. However, Pestar was not seen until nightfall where it attacked a pipeline crucial to half of the United States. WINR was quick to fight Pestar, but even liquid nitrogen missiles at absolute zero were not enough to stop him as he continued to his rampage. With the situation only becoming worse, Kenichi turned into Ultraman Powered to stop Pestar. Between Powered and Pestar neither one of them could best the other as the hero tried shoving the creature. However, Powered did not give up as he soon threw Pestar into the air and destroyed him with the Mega Specium Ray in a fireworks style explosion.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

Pestar was part of Belial's Monster Army and was part of the body of Beryudora.


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