Phil Lipof[1] (born June 18, 1973) co-anchors WABC-TV's weekend morning news shows with Michelle Charlesworth and regularly fills in for Joe Torres and Ken Rosato.[2]

Born in Newton, MA, Lipof graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication.[3]

Lipoff began his career at KIDK-TV in Idaho Falls, ID as a reported and morning and noon anchor. He was later evening anchor at WRNN in Kingston, New York. He was then a morning anchor and a general assignment reporter at WFOR-TV in Miami, FL. In July 2001, he moved to Boston, MA, where he worked at WHDH-TV. He later moved to WABC-TV in New York, NY.[3]


Lipof enjoys working out, tennis and guitar. He lives in Westchester County, NY with his wife Juli, and their two children.[3][4]


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