The Phoenix Gate is a fictional artifact of magical properties found in the Gargoyles universe. With its incantation "Deslagrate muri tempi et intervallia" roughly translated as "Burn down the walls of time and space" it can send its holder and those in their immediate vicinity through time.


The Phoenix Gate is a talisman in the shape of a crest, lined with gold including the emblem for a Phoenix on the face with blue colors on the shield itself. It is approximately five to six inches at the top where it is widest by approximately seven inches in height with no more than a three inch depth. It is carried almost seamlessly throughout the episodes and can be clutched in one of Goliath or Demona's claws.

After the holder has recited its incantation, the talisman flashes, surrounding its holder in a bubble of flame which collapses in on those within, sending them through time.

Other informationEdit

The Phoenix Gate was used in several Gargoyles Season 2 episodes:

  • Vows - Acquiring the Phoenix Gate, Xanatos and Demona travel back in time so that Xanatos can become a member of the Illuminati while Demona attempts to convince her past self to leave Goliath.
  • Avalon Part Two and Part Three - The Archmage, who Goliath had believed was killed over 1000 years ago is revealed to have rescued by his future self after acquiring the Phoenix Gate, the Grimorum Arcanorum and the Eye of Odin. (See Predestination Paradox)
  • M.I.A - Goliath uses the Phoenix Gate when he finds himself in Britain, being attacked by two gargoyles who have met him before, or so they say. He realizes that he must use the Phoenix Gate to go back to 1940 to discover what happened to Griff, a gargoyle he supposedly got killed in 1940. Goliath soon realizes that, since Griff did not return that night, and history could not be changed, Goliath must take Griff back into the future time where Goliath was in the store with the other Gargoyles.
  • Future Tense - The final time in the series the Gate is seen or used, in order to prevent an ill-fated future for the Gargoyles of New York, Puck attempts to trick Goliath into handing over the Gate. Goliath catches onto his plan and to prevent further meddling by the Children of Oberon, he sends the gate into the rift of time without a mind to guide it. Thus losing it for all eternity.

Timedancer: In a story series following the events of the television show, the Gargoyle Brooklyn discovers the Phoenix Gate and is hurtled through time, changing events in several dates in history a la Quantum Leap returning in the first story as 40 years had passed. The rest of the stories show his chronicles of time travel, the meeting of his mate and birth of his hatchlings. This series so far is non-canon but was looked at as a possible spinoff of the Gargoyles television series.

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