Player's Option: Combat & Tactics (abbreviated CT, or C&T)[1] is a supplemental sourcebook to the core rules of the second edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. This 192-page book was published by TSR, Inc. in 1995. The book was designed by L. Richard Baker III and Skip Williams. Cover art is by Jeff Easley and interior art is by Doug Chaffee, Les Dorscheid, Larry Elmore, Ken and Charles Frank, Roger Loveless, Erik Olson, and Alan Pollack.


The book begins with a one-page introduction by Baker and Williams, which explains that this book is intended to provide details to make combat more believable. Chapter One (pages 6-37) describes the Player's Option combat system, which was expanded from the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide, and is played on a gridded battle map with 1-inch squares. Chapter Two (pages 38-55) describes a set of combat options for the new combat system, including battle tactics, attack options, fighting styles, dueling, and brawling. Chapter Three (pages 56-69) describes how the climate and terrain of a battlefield affects combat. Chapter Four (pages 70-81) presents details on weapon specialization and mastery, revising the weapon proficiency system from the Player's Handbook. Chapter Five (pages 82-99) provides rules for unarmed combat, including brawling, subduing, and martial arts. Chapter Six (pages 100-115) details two systems for determining critical hits within the game. Chapter Seven (pages 116-151) expands on the weapons and armor presented in the Player's Handbook. Chapter Eight (pages 152-177) details the war machines, and sieges and fortifications of siege warfare. Chapter Nine (pages 178-187) details monsters in combat, particularly creatures in battle, creature types, and attack and armor types of monsters. Pages 189-192 are an index to the book.

Additional readingEdit

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