Player's Option: Skills & Powers (abbreviated SP, or S&P)[1] is a supplemental sourcebook to the core rules of the second edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. This 192-page book was published by TSR, Inc. in 1995. The book was designed by Douglas Niles and Dale Donovan. Cover art is by Jeff Easley and interior art is by Thomas Baxa, Doug Chaffee, Les Dorscheid, Jeff Easley, Ken Frank, and Eric Hotz.


The book begins with a one-page foreword by Niles and Donovan. Chapter One (pages 6-11) describes the character points system for Player's Option, which are used to improve the abilities of player characters. Chapter Two (pages 12-21) describes ability scores, each of which is divided into two subabilities. Chapter Three (pages 22-45) describes the racial requirements for each character race. Chapter Four (pages 46-63) presents details on how the various character classes work in the Player's Option system. Chapter Five (pages 64-85) provides 30 character kits, various character packages. Chapter Six (pages 86-111) details how nonweapon proficiencies work in play. Chapter Seven (pages 112-135) details weapon proficiency and mastery. Chapter Eight (pages 136-141) provides five new schools of magic. Chapter Nine (pages 142-175) details psionics in the Player's Option system. An appendix (pages 178-187) compiles the tables presented in this book. Pages 188-192 are an index to the book.


  • Arcane #2 (1996)

Additional readingEdit

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