Potentate Versidue-Shaie (Born 1E ???? – CE 324) is a character in the fantasy and fictional world of The Elder Scrolls games. He was of the Akaviri race of snake-like people and the closest advisor of Reman Cyrodiil III. A theory in the book "2920: Last Year of the First Era" suggests Versidue-Shaie was possibly behind Reman Cyrodiil III's death in 1E 2920. Upon the end of the war between Cyrodiil and Akavir it is believed that he or his family went into service of the Emperors of Cyrodiil. Upon the death of Reman in 1E 2920 he became the de facto leader of Cyrodiil. A few days later at the day when the year 2921 should have started he ended the First Era and started the CE (Common Era) ,or what is called 2E (Second Era) in current Tamriel. He ruled as Potente until his assassination in his Elsweyr palace in CE 324.

Preceded by
Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III
Potente of Cyrodiil
CE 1 - CE 324
Succeeded by
Potente Savirien-Chorak

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