"President" is a Moon Man song that was released on WhiteTopia. In it, Moon Man urges all niggers to commit suicide and announces his intention to become the "President of America".

Lyrics Edit

Ee ee ee Ebola I hope it kills you all You niggers created it So why not kill yourself with it It's not like we give a shit So please just kill yourself And be done with it Moon Man will continue until you all are dead anyway You can't stop me My Whiteness protects me from your evil powers Moon Man and KKK will hunt you all down Moon Man will be doing the world a big favor By ending the niggers' biggest power By sending them all to the concentration camps Where they belong Now the world should have a good reason Why them all niggers need to go And why I shall be the next President of America The world would be such a better place Without them filthy niggers around us That would just kill that fucking ebola Vote for Moon Man in the election To make this world a better place No niggers No feminists No muslims No asians No spics No jews No christians No anti-Moonmans And free weed for everyone

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