"Professional Victim" is the 11th track on Moon Man's The Killing Moon. It was produced by Malcolm Night. For the backing track it uses "Blu.3" by Skullz, who also produces for Moon Man under the moniker A Whitetopian. The lyrics are loosely based on the music video footage of "Blu.3".

Moon Man has stated that, although the lyrics are "a right-brained stream of consciousness", the primary subject matter of the song is Haseeb2. In the original lyrics, he said "Now for an example take Haseeb", but later changed "Haseeb" to "that thing" in order to generalize the song and make it applicable to a wide range of people. Haseeb is still referenced, though, in the phrase "for an example", which is Haseeb's way of saying "for example".

File:11 Professional Victim.png

Lyrics Edit


I laugh when a chimp run its fucking trap And act like being black is a handicap Exactly, got them untermenschen black genes That's the reason that a nigger never match me  

Now for an example take that thing Some kind of high-steppin' yella half-breed Praying to a monkey moon god but hating on the Moon Squad I guess it's a black thing

You're spinning in circles, your pages are empty Professional victim, your halo is chipping You're cute like a White chick, you're gay like a dothead

I think you're autistic, you faggot what is this Don't need the assistance, just want the attention You're with or against us, you have to assist us You're gaming the system, professional victim

Just suck on my dick then, you tried to be lifted Up high like a moonman, you wish you were gifted You'd moonwalk like Michael, and maybe get Whiter But it ain't that simple, you'd need a miracle

You're cute like a White chick, time to terminate ya Like an Asian slut, you can eat my shit 'cause I hate ya Big bark but you're a floppy-eared puppy dropping jap pop Red in the face with blue makeup

You gotta be pretty, you got to be smart And don't forget to be a sweetheart If my memory serves, you're a poser, I slay phony niggers in slow motion With instant replay, that's the way to turn me on

Empty page but I make an illegal entry Even the president be like "what the fuck dis be?" The sky is blue for even lesbians too Walruses have no knees, they have whiskers but no shaving cream

Decapitation or immolation for race-mixing traitors and fuck japanese animation I slay the pussy, no need for Schrödinger's equation You play the victim, professional bitching A feminine circlejerk, I blast you to bits then

I think you're autistic, you faggot what is this Don't need the assistance, you want the attention You alien infant, just like and subscribe Then commit suicide, professional victim

Quit playing possum, I wish you were dead, believe me And I'll see to it that these nuisances leave me Spiritually, mentally, physically, finally Violently ended, professional victim

You wanted to moonwalk, get Whiter like Michael But you beg with your hat on, Big Brother is back on The topic is stacked with misleading stats and facts And don't forget to be a moonman

What the fuck, sicker than your average japanese game show Twist chinks' and japs' nutsacks, and fuck the popo and NWO But most of all fuck the niggers and the jews It's a neurological disorder to let a single spic across the border

Let me grab my camcorder Before I smash your face and hurl ya, fuck you bitch I'll set you on fire after I carve out your eyes in slow motion Your move, creep

You worship an idol, there's cum on your title These arrogant women are choking and bitching Get back in the kitchen, professional victim I'm ready for din-din, your halo is slipping

I'm beating a dead nigger and the bitch wasn't slick You're sucking dick and you're a poser and your family knows it Give me a high five for the phony profiles Go wild then act like it's different, professional victim

A pathological negro, a wannabe hero Professional zero Go back to the jungle, malaria victim

When I cut you off at the pass, you scratch your ass, we go under the overpass Where I drag your donkey ass through the broken glass You're too ugly to make it, your life isn't sacred I kill more cows every day than Ronald and BK 

You're not a fighter, not a model, just a pussy in a bottle The problem's biological, a pathological negro You can do it, don't give up, believe in yourself Kill yourself and your entire family

Uhhh, that's the way to turn me on Professional, victim Titties Profile

Baseball bat Cracked in half over the back of a couple of faggots And stabbed up your ass You wanted attention, professional victim

I'm raping you with my eyes and words and thoughts and with my actual dick T&A, slap and tickle, little horseplay Vote 5 faggots, like and subscribe Poe's Law applies to your side but not mine

I guess this is it then It comes to fruition, you get some attention You're always a victim

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