The USS Prometheus is a fictional starship in the science fiction franchise Star Trek. It first appeared in the Star Trek:Voyager episode "Message in a Bottle", which premiered January 21, 1998.

The USS Prometheus is the only named ship of its class seen onscreen. A Prometheus-class ship appears in the Voyager's finale, "Endgame", but the ship's name was not stated or seen.


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In the 1998 Star Trek: Voyager episode "Message in a Bottle", the USS Prometheus was fully commissioned and began a series of shakedown cruises before it was stolen by Romulans. USS Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram and the experimental Mark II Emergency Medical Hologram aboard the Prometheus help Starfleet successfully retake the ship. It was on this mission that Starfleet learned that Voyager survived its encounter with the displacement wave in the Badlands, and was present in the Delta Quadrant.

Near the end of the 2001 Voyager series finale "Endgame", when a Borg transwarp conduit opens near Earth, a Prometheus-class ship is part of the fleet that is sent to intercept the perceived threat and escorts Voyager home.[1]

In the 2004 Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Azati Prime", when Jonathan Archer is transported 400 years into the future by Daniels, several shots of the battle through a window are shown. One or more Prometheus class ships fly by the Enterprise-J just long enough to be visible.

Star Trek OnlineEdit

The Prometheus class vessel was released as a tactical escort for the Tier 5 ship category in Star Trek Online. It Features the MVAM seen in "Message in a Bottle", which allows players to outflank combatants in space combat. It is available through Emblems (A type of currency.), Through the cryptic store or C-Store, And will be able to be procured through crafting at the memory alpha system.


Development on the Prometheus-class starship project began in the early 2360s at the Beta Antares shipyards. With the Dominion threat becoming more serious, development was stepped up and construction began in the early 2370s. The Prometheus design inherits its basic shape from the Intrepid-class, but features four standard warp nacelles similar in design to the nacelles used in the Sovereign-class starship. In 2374, the U.S.S. Prometheus NX-59650 was launched and began top secret field tests.[citation needed]



The USS Prometheus is a testbed of technologies being researched by Starfleet. In standard configuration, the ship is composed of an arrowhead-shaped primary hull attached directly to a secondary hull supporting four warp nacelles on short pylons in an 'X' configuration. In battle, this ship can go into "multi-vector assault mode" in which the vessel may divide into three ships — the saucer, the upper engineering hull, and the lower engineering hull — to allow for multiple independently moving weapons platforms. The saucer has two small warp nacelles that are stored in recesses while joined and extend once the saucer has separated. The three components can later reconnect. A line of dialogue from the Mark II Emergency Medical Hologram reveals that the Prometheus was designed to go faster than any other vessel in Starfleet.

It is outfitted with regenerative deflector shields and ablative armor (an outer hull layer that vaporizes under weapons fire, thereby dissipating energy and protecting the ship's interior).[2]

Another innovation is the installation of holoemitters throughout the ship, which allows its holographic doctor, the EMH Mark II (also a prototype), to operate in all crew areas. This aspect of the design was crucial in recovering the Prometheus from Romulan hands in 2374.[2]


The Prometheus CGI model gives the ship's registry as "NX-59650". However, production designer Michael Okuda used "NX-74913" for all the internal displays, including the ship's dedication plaque.


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