"Purity" is the opening track on The White Side of the Moon., a remix of "Dope Gangsta Beat Rap Instrumental 2014" by HHSolid. In it, Moon Man urges the genocide of niggers, spics, jews, and dotheads in order to achieve racial purity. Audrina Patridge speaks at the beginning of the song.

Lyrics Edit

[Audrina] Moon Man is back with another fucking track.

You spearchucking niggers, you ruined this country That's why I've made my own manifest, I will never rest Till every fucking nigger is under the grass I drive through the hood with a gat, the women I tap While the men gasp for breath Fuck that shit, they're not men If anything they belong with the hens They're just animals anyway Tell me again, why free the slaves? Niggers deserved to be whipped with a two-meter dick And if they resist A bullet to the fucking hip as they're gasping for breath They have nothing left, and their final goodbye In their life is my creampie And after all nigger deaths, their kids are the stench Of America, go back to your ship Stop fucking the women, that's like banging a dog I guess when you're a nigger, raping makes you feel better You're so fucking dumb, White women are whores that just want the cum All you do is bang on welfare, good riddance, you're gone At least spics do my lawn care for only a nickel And they work all year, what do you do to earn greasemonkey fares? Go back to Africa, fucking those half-tards At least produce there, where we never have to see or hear Your fucking nigger talk, it sounds like a dick is shoved in your ass 'Cause everything sounds like this "Fuck this nigga fucka niggers and jews" I agree with your point, but not with your tune Please jump off of a fucking bridge So now our only problem is the fucking cunts From outside our states, you Indians, I don't want your phone service You hardly speak English, you think you take our jobs But your voice is like chalkboards being fucked by retards Take after the buddhists, set yourself on fire Then finally your race could retire From being fucking cunts, all I want is for Whites to spread to the world And fucking their whole life How are we supposed to advance if every time I turn around A nigger is shoving a gun in my ass, stop with the crimes No wonder we freed you You had a free roof, but violence beseeched you You don't deserve shit, fuck equal rights You weren't brought here as a tourist, you're meant to work till you die And what's the deal with fucking retards? They plague our race, we should shoot them in the face We can achieve purity, maybe move to Mars No nigger could pay that fee, a total separation That or genocide is the only way the human race will thrive When we are alone and without the crime Purity will come clean, without niggers and kikes

Moon Man

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