Quacker is a fictional cartoon character from the Tom and Jerry cartoons. He was voiced by Red Coffey, from Quacker's first appearance in 1950 (in Little Quacker) up until 1957, though the voice has often been (erroneously) credited to Clarence Nash (who was better known as the voice of Donald Duck). He usually loses his mother and needs Jerry to thwart Tom's plans to eat him. Quacker is known for having a strong loyalty and honest code, going to great lengths to please others, independent of the fact that it could cost him his own life (as seen in That's My Mommy, when Quacker, believing that Tom is his Mom, attempts to sacrifice his own life to give Tom a "good Dinner", but to Quacker's luck, Tom gives up this idea and decides to become his "mother". Also, curiously, he usually appears in episodes that either Jerry has lost or both (Tom and Jerry) have triumphed.

Quacker appears in Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers as Duckling. He is believed to be a predecessor to the later Hanna-Barbera character Yakky Doodle.

Tom and Jerry shorts Edit

The Tom and Jerry Show (1975)Edit

  • The Lost Duckling

Tom and Jerry TalesEdit

  • Catch Me Though You Can't

Voice actorsEdit

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