Quadruple changers are a Transformers race that can change into four different modes, that is, 1 robot mode and 3 alt-modes, or 2 robot modes and 2 alt-modes. This is often compared to a triple changer, which has only 3. One of the most famous quadruple changer is Scorponok, who has a robot mode that can change into a scorpion, jet, and a fortress. This is quite possible in Transformers: Generation One. However, Scorponok is not the first quadruple changer, but Dai Atlas is. Another well-known quadruple changer is Longarm (Transformers), who is actually Shockwave (Transformers) in disguise, because of his ability to change different sizes and shapes. This is seen in Transformers: Animated. As a result, Longarm and Shockwave are one and the same. Originally, they were not, but in the Animated series, they are merged into one character. Shockwave's alt-mode is a futuristic tank that is based on the Megatron of the Armada cartoon series. Longarm's alt-mode is a futuristic crane tractor. In addition, the Animated Shockwave/Longarm, as an action figure, will be in stores in December 2008.

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