Quahog 5 (WQHG) is a fictional television station featured in the Fox network TV show Family Guy, located in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. The two anchors, Tom and Diane, have been present since the beginning of the show, and have become two of the most prominent characters. Their combative relationship is frequently noticeable on-air during news reports.

WQHG has a sister radio station at 97.1 FM, featuring the weekday duo "Weenie and the Butt"; other duos featured at this station were "Dingo and the Baby" and "Dark Chocolate and the Rod".

Quahog 5 EmployeesEdit

María JiménezEdit

María Jiménez
Family Guy character
Character information
Full name María Jiménez
Hair color Brunette
Show information
First appearance One If by Clam, Two If by Sea
Voice actor Tara Strong

María Jiménez (Tara Strong) is the fictional one-time "Hispanic reporter" that appeared first and lastly in the episode "One If by Clam, Two If by Sea", following the arrest of Peter for "his" arsonistic scandal of burning the Clam's Head Pub to the ground.

Tom Tucker had trouble pronouncing her name.

Diane Simmons Edit

Diane Simmons
Family Guy character
Character information
Full name Diane Seidelman
Hair color Brunette
Show information
First appearance Death Has a Shadow
Voice actor Lori Alan

Diane Simmons (voiced by Lori Alan) is Tom's co-anchor. In "The King Is Dead", a younger Diane's full name is listed as Diane Seidelman, hinting that she is Jewish. Diane has her own Ricki Lake-esque talk show where she was abused by Lois. In "The King Is Dead", she was given the starring role in Peter's version of The King and I, though she quit before the production went on due to Peter constantly changing the storyline and theme of the play.

She seems involved in fewer lewd or bizarre acts than her co-anchor, Tom Tucker, but has been known to do things like flash her breasts on television and hire male prostitutes. It is briefly suggested that she may be racist against African Americans, going so far as to say, while unwittingly on air, "I just plain don't like black people." Also in "The King Is Dead", Diane said to Loretta Brown that "they did an all you-people version of Hello, Dolly!." It is said that one of her previous husbands committed suicide by "blowing his brains out."[1]

Lori Alan appeared in Seth MacFarlane's 1996 animated short film Larry & Steve. When Family Guy was created, she auditioned the role of Lois, but eventually was cast as Diane.[2]

Tricia TakanawaEdit

Tricia Takanawa
Family Guy character
Character information
Full name Tricia Takanawa
Hair color Black
Show information
First appearance Da Boom
Voice actor Alex Borstein

Tricia Takanawa (Alex Borstein) is the main correspondent for Quahog Channel 5 News.[3] Unlike her fellow news people, Tricia displays a deadpan, boring attitude. Whenever Tucker or Simmons would switch the scene to Takanawa, either of them would introduce her as "Asian correspondent Tricia Takanawa", or "Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa".[3] She is known for her flat, nasal voice and dead-pan attitude, even when laughing[4] and during sex.[5] On one occasion, however, she completely loses control while meeting David Bowie, humping his leg like a dog and screaming "I make you fish ball soup!".[6] Diane confirms her as being Japanese, despite her surname being obviously of Japanese descent.[6]

Tricia is often made to do dirty jobs, such has covering a flu segment (prompting her to throw up)[7], having anonymous sex with a complete stranger "possibly doing drugs" (which turns out to be Quagmire, who mistakes her as being Spanish) on a Quahog 5 series about sex, and to be abused in a hurricane report.[8] In the episode "Da Boom", she is grilled and eaten by Tom and Diane.[3]

In "North by North Quahog", she is not allowed into a hotel because of her ethnicity. Connie Chung of CBS is frequently cited as inspiration for this character.[citation needed]

Tom Tucker Edit

Tom Tucker
Family Guy character
Character information
Full name Thomas Fergal Tucker
Relatives Wife: Unnamed (ex-wife); Stacy (second wife)
Son: Jake
Hair color Brown
Show information
First appearance Death Has a Shadow
Voice actor Seth MacFarlane

Tom Tucker is a character in the animated television series Family Guy. He is an arrogant, baritone newscaster at Channel 5. His family includes Stacy, his second wife, and a son named Jake from his first marriage, whose face is upside down. Tom is not one to be politically correct, nor does he take into account the feelings of anyone. Tom was briefly Thelma Griffin’s boyfriend who acted like a stepfather to Peter in “Mother Tucker.” In the Pilot of the show, he was named Mike.

In the episode "The Kiss Seen Around the World", Meg Griffin develops a crush on him, and after she and Neil Goldman both receive internships at Quahog 5, she is flirtatious with him. However, her feelings for him change after she realizes that he cares less about human life than he does about getting a story.

Tom tends to insult everybody around him, particularly Diane Simmons, his co-anchor. He dislikes her and frequently trades insults with her on-air. This seems to have been toned down in the show's revival.

Seth MacFarlane stated that Tom Tucker's voice is the easiest to do for him, and he was "sort of modeled after the cigarette spokesman from the 1940s commercials".[9]

Ollie Williams Edit

Ollie Williams
Family Guy character
Character information
Full name Ollie Williams
Hair color Black
Show information
First appearance Mr. Saturday Knight
Voice actor Phil LaMarr

Ollie Williams (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is the black meteorologist on Quahog 5 News' weather segment, the Blaccu-Weather forecast, and is reminiscent of Al Roker[citation needed]. His forecasts are generally very loud, quick, concise, and to the point, generally being less than 5 words long (for example, "It's gonna rain!" "IT'S RAINING SIDEWAYS!", or "He gon' get it!").

It's revealed in the episode "Stewie B. Goode" that he is very computer savvy when he helps Tom Tucker access his e-mail. At the very beginning of "Lois Kills Stewie", before the opening credits, Tucker asks him to summarize all the events that happened in the previous episode, "Stewie Kills Lois", which he does very quickly.

The longest Ollie has been on screen at one time to date is in the fictional Quahog 5 opening roll call in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story; he is shown up close and facing away from the screen until his name is mentioned, after which he looks toward the viewer and appears startled, only to smile and calm down as if it were a joke. Though he says absolutely nothing in this scene, it seems to give some insight to his true personality.

Ollie is not Quahog 5's only weather reporter; a forecaster named Greg the Weather Mime appears in the episode One If by Clam, Two If by Sea.

97.1 FM Edit

The fictional radio station which acts as Quahog 5-WQHG's sister talk radio station. In season 5, episode 2 "Mother Tucker", Weenie and the Butt were airing a live radio broadcast of their program "Weenie and the Butt: In the Morning" from the air show. They are a parody of all of the "zoo type" or "morning show" radio broadcasts across the USA.

They parody these broadcasts by over-playing their radio show jingles and sound effects. In addition to their morning show Weenie and the Butt also host "Weenie and the Butt: In the Afternoon". Other shows broadcast on the station were "Dingo and the Baby" hosted by Brian and Stewie (which began as the highbrow political talk show "Lunch Hour"), and "Dark Chocolate and the Rod" hosted by Cleveland and Quagmire.


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