QuasiSpace is an fictional realm in the Star Control series.

It is a green field, as compared to Hyperspace's red, and can only be accessed by 'portals' caused by interdimensional fatigue. There are 14 portals that lead from Quasispace to Hyperspace, and one that leads both ways, but only from the 17th to the 20th of any month. The Arilou return home by a Portal Spawner, which fires rays of interdimensional fatigue, then fly through the resulting portal. An advantage to Quasispace is that it takes no fuel to fly through, but, if you use the Portal Spawner, it takes 10 units of fuel to enter. Also, travel in Quasispace takes far less time than travel in Hyperspace. A disadvantage is that the portals are scrambled compared to their locations in Hyperspace. There is only one world in it as well, the homeworld of the Arilou.

Below is a table which gives the corresponding Hyperspace coordinates for each of the Quasispace portals:

Quasispace Hyperspace Hyperspace Description
448.0, 504.0 565.7, 971.2 Near Delta Lyncis system
458.0, 492.0 860.7, 015.1 Between Arae and Trianguli systems
466.0, 514.0 230.1, 398.8 In Spathi space
468.0, 464.0 921.0, 610.4 Near Arcturas system
476.0, 458.0 409.0, 774.8 Near Ur-Quan/Thraddash space
476.0, 496.0 611.6, 413.1 In Ur-Quan space
488.0, 538.0 973.5, 315.3 Near Druuge space
492.0, 492.0 005.0, 164.7 In Ilwrath space
502.0, 460.0 318.3, 490.6 Near Zoq-Fot-Pik space
506.0, 474.0 190.9, 092.6 Near Sol system
516.0, 466.0 567.3, 120.7 Near Mycon space
520.0, 514.0 011.1, 940.9 Near Beta Corvi system
520.0, 540.0 589.9, 621.3 Middle of Ur-Quan space
530.0, 528.0 775.2, 890.6 Near Supox space
544.0, 532.0 036.8, 633.2 Near Arilou space
500.0, 500.0 043.8, 637.2 Natural portal

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