RPGA Tournament Handbook
Code C6
Rules Required AD&D
Character Levels 4 - 8
Campaign Setting Greyhawk / Generic AD&D
Authors Daniel Kramarsky
Jean & Bruce Rabe
First Published 1987
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The Official RPGA Handbook is an adventure module for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, set in that game's World of Greyhawk campaign setting. TSR, Inc. published the module in 1987 for the 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules. It is part of the "C" series of modules, a set of unrelated adventures originally designed for competition play ("C" representing the first letter in the word "competition"[1]).

Plot summaryEdit

The Official RPGA Tournament Handbook is a supplement containing official rules for running Role-Playing Game Association AD&D tournaments.[2] The book also includes two sample tournament scenarios, "Honor Guard" and "The Long Way Home".[2]

  • Honor Guard: The player characters escort an important religious figure travelling from the city of Jesten to the city of Alm, with a brief stop in the town of Slapdash, as he transports the crytal of light. Little do they know that a wizard intends to steal the holy relic.
  • The Long Way Home: In a remote part of the Desert of Ages, the player characters are forced to stop at a small, isolated, deserted town among rocky bluffs. There they encounter the restless spirit of dwarf Ottis, who demands that in exchange for water the party find a magic relic, the hammer Rocksplitter, and use it to drive out duegar invaders and free his people.

Publication historyEdit

C6 The Official RPGA Tournament Handbook was written by Daniel Kramarsky, and Jean and Bruce Rabe, and was published by TSR in 1987 as a 64-page booklet with an outer folder.[2]

The module contains two short adventures either for one-evening sessions or incorporation into an on-going campaign, instructions and score sheets to run a role-playing tournament, and directions on how to design one's own tournament.



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