"Racist Freestyle" is a Moon Man song that was released in his classic YTMND era. It is also called "Racist Freestyle pt.1" because it is part of a series of freestyle tracks, the other two parts being "Arab Freestyle [pt.2]" and "Mexican Freestyle [pt.3]". These tracks were later added to the mixtape Notorious KKK. "Racist Freestyle" also appears on The Ultimate Collection - Part 2.

Lyrics Edit

Hi my name is Moonman and my mission is quite simple Find a tribe of sheboons and hang them by the nipple Drown them by the weave until the water has no ripple I like my nigger meat rare and my K's by the triple Shut the fuck up about your long-ass dicks The only shoes you wear are high-top kicks Go farm in the fields with your wooden picks You think your culture is better than spics Spics hop the border and niggers bum for quarters All their little monkeys have congenital disorders If I saw one I'd shove it in a mortar In hopes it would crash into a Trayboon supporter One day this world will be purified of darks Your sleeping bags have littered the parks Every day you get busted by narcs The only girls you date are apes and mudsharks

Moonman hates every nigger First-grade math to you is a rigor You always keep your hand on the trigger You're too poor to even date a fucking golddigger Quit obsessing over your fried chicken You think segregation laws are stricken Muddy asshole is all you be lickin' You ugly niggers make me sicken

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