Web address
Type of site Social media marketing
Registration No
Available in English
Owners "Jacob"
Launched 2012
Revenue Unknown
Current status Active (formerly SocialVEVO or Swenzy) is a social media marketing website that sells fake likes, followers, views and web traffic.[1][2][3] Rantic is known for launching numerous controversial high-profile hoaxes.[4][5][6]

The marketing group gained notoriety over its series of internet hoaxes, including the Emma Watson countdown which sparked a diverse amount of online attention.[7][8][9] According to 2014 Vocativ investigation, the purpose for the internet hoaxes were the result of a psychological study.[10]

BackgroundEdit was registered in 2014 by a group on internet marketers. Originally, the marketing brand went under names like SocialVEVO or Swenzy.[10] During an interview with Vocativ, one of the alleged founders of Rantic, Jerry, told the reporter that the online business was founded by "Jacob, Jerry, Juice, Alexander and Kamaruzaman".[11] The site currently operates selling sketchy services for social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.[12][13][1]

Rantic is best known for executing a variety of internet hoaxes that have stirred up mainstream media attention.[14] Perhaps the most controversial hoax by Rantic was the EmmaYouAreNext stunt that sparked online debates about misogyny, feminism, internet censorship and the digital age of journalism.[15][16][17][18] Rantic is also reportedly responsible for other viral internet hoaxes including OpCharlieHebdo, GTA V Rumors, Brian's Announcement, Dawn of 2014, Remember The 13th and FoxWeekly.[19][20][21][22][23][24][25] The motive for the hoaxes are unknown, but the stunts do manage to consistently collect mainstream media attention.[26][27][28][29][30]

Other online scandals within Rantic include to allege selling of fake YouTube views to Justin Bieber's music manager, and the alleged attempt to takedown The Daily Dot online newspaper as retaliation for trying to investigate the group.[31][32][33][34]

During a Facebook Q&A with Greg James on March 8th, 2015, Emma Watson responded to the countdown hoax launched by Rantic.[35][36][37] Emma Watson stated the threat made her feel 'raged' and more determined to push the HeForShe gender equality campaign.[38][39][40]

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