Species Re'ol
Homeworld Original homeworld unknown, later moved to a distant colony.
Governing body Re'ol Government

<tr><td valign="top">Alliances as of season 10 </td><td> None</tr><tr><td valign="top">Prior Alliances </td><td> None</tr>

Key episodes "The Fifth Man" (first appearance)

The Re'ol are a fictional alien race from the sci-fi television show, Stargate SG-1.


Re'ol are humanoid, and are very tall, lanky bipedal creatures with thick strands of hair and dark black eyes. Their heads appear almost skeletal in shape. The Re'ol have also decided not to embrace technology to the extent that no other species have.

The Re'ol have a unique natural defense: one of their secretions is used to create memories and illusions. This defense mechanism can make an individual believe that the Re'ol is not a threat, and will allow a Re'ol to incorporate himself into the culture of the infected species to avoid detection. It also has the ability to alter memories and to make the Re'ol appear as one of the target's own species, and is therefore the perfect camouflage.

This secretion is the only advantage the Re'ol have, as they are peaceful creatures and are hardly able to defend themselves. Though it is an advantage, it is also the reason they are nearly extinct, as the Goa'uld fervently wish to discover the secret behind the substance.[1] However, with help from the Tau'ri, the Tok'ra have developed their own version of the Re'ol substance, which was used by Daniel Jackson to infiltrate a System Lord summit[2] and later again by Cameron Mitchell to infiltrate the Lucian Alliance.[3]


As the Goa'uld have long since tried to discover the secret behind the Re'ol's natural defense mechanism, their chemical secretions, the System Lords have hunted and persecuted the Re'ol for centuries. As of 2001, there were only a handful of Re'ol left. However, a group had recently settled on a world unknown to the System Lords, where they hoped to rebuild their culture.[1]

Contact with SG-1Edit

In 2001, a Re'ol named Kaiaiele managed to infiltrate SG-1 and masqueraded as a Lt. Tyler.

Kaiaiele had previously been captured by the Goa'uld, but as they were taking him for study, he managed to escape and was able to destroy the guidance system on their ship. After crash landing on a planet, Kaiaiele, managed to find the SG team and, using his natural defences, made them believe he was a part of their group.

When Daniel Jackson, Teal'c and Samantha Carter were forced to return to the SGC after a Goa'uld attack, leaving Jack O'Neill behind, Kaiaiele and the Colonel were forced to defend themselves from approaching Jaffa before being rescued by their team mates. Kaiaiele eventually joined the surviving members of his people. [1]


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