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The Reactor Mach II (pronounced 'Reactor Mach Two') is a prototype concept car created by car designer Gene Winfield.[1] Although this car is called "Mach II", there was no Reactor Mach I. The car cost $20,000 and its body is mainly aluminium.[1] The car was used in many programs including Bewitched.[1]


The Reactor Mach II features a fake radar screen which was made of a set of LEDs behind a glass screen, it also has hydraulic suspension (which was new at the time).[1] It has an electrically powered "flip-top roof", electrically powered gull-wing doors and a Template:Convert/hp engine. All of its features were shown on Bewitched. The hydraulic suspension allowed the driver to adjust the ground clearance from 4 to 9½ inches.[2] The car has lime green metallic paint and darker green shading around the edges to make it stand out.[1][3]

The Bewitched script stated that the car has a "control panel that looks like an IBM computer, [a] retractable rear bumper, [two] enclosed headlights, and [an] adjustable headrest".[2] In the program the hood and front fenders do not lower, the, “IBM computer” is changed to a "radar”, the “Retractable fins” are changed to “Hydraulic suspension”, and the rear bumper the headrest and the headlights do not move.[2]

On BewitchedEdit

Template:Infobox Automobile The Reactor Mach II starred in Bewitched's 93 episode (episode 19 in the season 3); "Super Car".[1][4] In this episode, Samantha convinces Endora (her mother) to make friends with Darrin, Endora attempts to do this by giving him the Reactor Mach II which was in a magazine he was reading.[1][2]

The Reactor Mach II was much more than a car to the designers/engineers ("Joe" and "Charlie") in Detroit, who say that their experimental car cost $150,000 and five years of development time to manufacture.[1][2]

The car's chassis number is clearly shown as "59260327" and it is "Made in Detroit Mich. U.S.A.". In the script the car was called “Mako Mark II”, although in the episode it was always called the Reactor Mach II. The script says that Samantha was supposed to call it a "425 horsepower fastback with a teardrop silhouette", but this was cut out.[2]

Other TV appearancesEdit

  • The Flying Nun, another program from ABC, was produced at the same time as Bewitched. The Reactor Mach II can be seen in episode 3; "Old Cars for New", in which Carlos was showing Sister Bertrille a car in a magazine. The magazine was the same magazine Darrin was reading in "Super Car"; its cover displayed a photo of the Reactor Mach II.[1]
  • The Reactor Mach II has appeared as Catwoman's "Kitty Car" in an episode of Batman. In this episode, the car had big ears and a tail attached.[1]

Current useEdit

The Reactor Mach II appeared at the Custom Motor Show in Jönköping in 2005.[5] It is now a part of Darryl Starbird's National Rod and Custom Hall of Fame museum in Afton, Oklahoma.[1]

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