"Real Nazis" is a song written and performed by Moon Man and Ben Garrison, recorded early in Moon Man's rap career. It is a parody of "Real Motherfuckin G's" by Eazy-E. Moon Man's cousin Leeroy made his first rap appearance in this song, performing the chorus, before recording his own song for Moon Man's King Nigger Killer EP.

Lyrics Edit

[Ben Garrison] Ben Garrison here

And the Moon Man

[Ben Garrison] At Lakeside, Montana


[Ben Garrison] Where it's warmed up to a balmy ten degrees

Oh yeah

[Leeroy] Real Nazis Real Nazis Real Nazis

We burning it up, but I mean the jews Gas the kikes, race war now I smell the jews, and they smell so foul I'm ready to get my hands dirty now And have some fun, says the voice of a generation

[Ben Garrison] Very graphic

It's Ben Garrison, he's trashing the jews And there's only a few who share his views So when you look at the Moon, you'll see every coon Burned and lynched in a sink I can quench my thirst for nigger blood, so get in the mud You're a genetic dud, I pull the trigger on every nigger I can smell their skin as their life goes dim I'ma burn them and then turn them into a lamp I'll use the jews as a ramp to satisfy every amp required to these shitskins from getting hired And I'm just so tired that I need some

[Leeroy] Real Nazis

That strangles every faggot with their umbilical cord I'ma never stop, only ask for more More dead whores and less robbed liquor stores I'll put every nigger on the floor, if I have to I'll smack their bitch too and hang a jew Just for good luck, I don't give a fuck You know why? Because I'm a

[Leeroy] Real Nazi

[Ben Garrison] Ben Garrison

The Moonman, 2015 Bringing some brand new skins to the scene

[Leeroy] Real Nazis