Although over 116 comedians have been through the Saturday Night Live machine, only 86 have come out with recurring characters to date.

Armisen Aykroyd Jim Belushi John Belushi Breuer Cahill Carvey Chase Cleghorne Crystal Curtin Cusack Davis Dillon Downey, Jr. Dratch Duke Dunn Edwards J. Fallon S. Fallon Farley Ferrell Forte Franken Gasteyer Gottfried Gross Guest Hader A. M. Hall R. Hall Hammond Hartman Hooks Hutsell Jackson Kattan Kazurinsky Koechner Kroeger Louis-Dreyfus Lovitz MacDonald Matthius McKinney Meadows Meyers Miller Minor Mitchell Mohr Morgan Morris Murphy Murray Myers Nealon Newman Novello O'Donoghue Oteri Parnell Piscopo Poehler Quaid Quinn Radner Richards Risley Rock Rocket Rosato Rudolph Sandler Sanz Schneider Shannon Shearer Short Smigel Spade Sudeikis Sweeney Thompson Vance Walls Wayans Wiig

Fred ArmisenEdit

Dan AykroydEdit

Jim BelushiEdit

See Jim Belushi.

John BelushiEdit

Jim BreuerEdit

Beth CahillEdit

Dana CarveyEdit

Chevy ChaseEdit

Ellen CleghorneEdit

Billy CrystalEdit

Jane CurtinEdit

Joan CusackEdit

Tom DavisEdit

Denny DillonEdit

Robert Downey, Jr.Edit

Rachel DratchEdit

Robin DukeEdit

Nora DunnEdit

Jimmy FallonEdit

Siobhan FallonEdit

Chris FarleyEdit

Will FerrellEdit

Will ForteEdit

Al FrankenEdit

Ana GasteyerEdit

Gilbert GottfriedEdit

  • Leo Waxman, Pinky Waxman's husband

Mary GrossEdit

Christopher GuestEdit

Bill HaderEdit

Anthony Michael HallEdit

  • Craig Sundberg, Idiot Savant -- a 15-year-old genius who was mentally retarded
  • Fed Jones, one half of the Jones Brothers (the other brother named Ned Jones was played by Damon Wayans), two criminals who sell stolen items such as radios, bikes, purses, and cable TV installation

Rich HallEdit

Darrell HammondEdit

Phil HartmanEdit

Jan HooksEdit

Melanie HutsellEdit

Victoria JacksonEdit

  • Nancy Maloney, a nightclub singer

Chris KattanEdit

Tim KazurinskyEdit

David KoechnerEdit

Gary KroegerEdit

Julia Louis-DreyfusEdit

Jon LovitzEdit

Norm MacDonaldEdit

Gail MatthiusEdit

Mark McKinneyEdit

Tim MeadowsEdit

  • Leon Phelps from The Ladies Man
  • Lionel Osbourne from Perspectives

Seth MeyersEdit

Dennis MillerEdit

Jerry MinorEdit

Finesse MitchellEdit

Jay MohrEdit

Tracy MorganEdit

Garrett MorrisEdit

Eddie MurphyEdit

  • Velvet Jones

Bill MurrayEdit

Mike MyersEdit

Kevin NealonEdit

  • Mr. Subliminal or Subliminal Message Man

Laraine NewmanEdit

  • Sherry, a ditzy blonde secretary

Don NovelloEdit

Michael O'DonoghueEdit

  • Mr Mike

Cheri OteriEdit

Chris ParnellEdit

  • Tom Brokaw
  • Merv the Perv, a sleazy guy who hits on women with raunchy puns. Has a brother-in-law who's a gynecologist (played by tennis player Andy Roddick when Roddick hosted in season 29) and a brother who (supposedly) worked at Victoria's Secret (played by Johnny Knoxville when he hosted in season 30)
  • Tyler from Appalachian Emergency Room, a hapless redneck who gets strange objects stuck up his rectum.
  • Wayne Bloder

Joe PiscopoEdit

  • Frank Sinatra
  • Paulie Herman, a New Jersey resident with a squeaky, annoying voice

Amy PoehlerEdit

Randy QuaidEdit

  • Rudy Randolph, Jr: a Texas pitchman selling off famous dictators' worldly possessions. Has a son named Rudy Randolph III (played by Robert Downey, Jr.)

Colin QuinnEdit

Gilda RadnerEdit

Jeff RichardsEdit

  • Drunk Girl

Ann RisleyEdit

Chris RockEdit

  • Nat X

Charles RocketEdit

Tony RosatoEdit

Maya RudolphEdit

Adam SandlerEdit

  • Opera Man
  • Cajan Man
  • Canteen Boy

Horatio SanzEdit

Rob SchneiderEdit

Molly ShannonEdit

Harry ShearerEdit

Martin ShortEdit

  • Ed Grimley, a nerdy Wheel of Fortune fan who plays the triangle and has a goldfish for a pet. This character was originally created for the show SCTV, but wasn't as popular there as it was on SNL.
  • Jackie Rogers, Jr: an albino entertainer who appears on the sketch The Joe Franklin Show. He hosted the game show parody (on SNL) called Jackie Rogers's $100,000 Jackpot Wad

Robert SmigelEdit

David SpadeEdit

Jason SudeikisEdit

  • One of the Two A-Holes

Julia SweeneyEdit

Kenan ThompsonEdit

Danitra VanceEdit

  • Cabrini Green Jackson, a teenaged mother who dispensed advice on the do's and don'ts of being pregnant. * Latoya Marie (That Black Girl), a struggling actress

Nancy WallsEdit

  • Gail Lafferty, a church bizarre attendee always itching for a fight with other attendees (in one episode, she was thrown through a window by an attendee played by Teri Hatcher)
  • Susan Taylor, a nervous neighbor who's always invited to Frank Henderson's (Will Ferrell) barbecues in the "Get Off The Shed!" sketches

Damon WayansEdit

Kristen WiigEdit

  • Target cashier
  • One of the Two A-Holes

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