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Red King (レッドキング Reddo Kingu), also known as Redking, is a dinosaur-like monster originally featured in the 1966 tokusatsu television series, Ultraman. Its first appearance was in Episode #8, "The Lawless Monster Zone."

Subtitle: Skull Monster (どくろ怪獣 Dokuro Kaijū).



Height: 45 meters.

Weight: 20,000 tons.

Red King has superior strength (as opposed to most monsters in the series) and uses boulders quite often.


The first Red King was discovered on a remote island with other monsters, where a small group of scientists had been terrorized and all but one were ultimately killed. In this episode, Red King appeared along with Magular and Chandrah, also known as Chandlar, and identified by some as Peguila (from the Ultraman series prequel, Ultra Q). This episode also featured the first appearance of Pigmon, a monster the size of a human child that was friendly toward humans.

Red King defeated Chandlar by tearing off a limb/wing and throwing the dismembered limb, as well as some rocks, at him as the monster fled, and was never seen or heard from again. Mauglar, a burrowing monster, apparently survived the episode almost unnoticed, but was eventually killed by the Science Patrol. Red King killed Pigmon by creating an avalanche of rock. Once Ultraman appeared, Red King was defeated without the need for the Spacium Ray; it is presumed that Ultraman either broke Red King's neck after flipping the monster several times or merely knocked him out by the impact.

When Red King finally reappeared, he was as part of another trio of monsters, including Dorako and Gigas. Red King viciously tore Dorako's wings off, and Dorako died of its injuries soon afterward. Gigas was driven off by Red King and fell victim to an experimental Science Patrol bomb. All three monsters apparently precipitated out of a fragment of comet debris, or were awakened by the comet's radiation; it is not entirely clear, but the comet somehow triggered their appearance. Apparently Red King now presented an extra danger, as it had swallowed a long-lost atomic weapon. Ultraman ultimately paralyzed Red King and raised it off the ground with one of his rarely used telekinesis powers. He then used two of his energy rings to slice Red King into thirds. Apparently the atomic weapon was resting in some sort of gullet in Red King's digestive tract, because Ultraman took the head and neck portion and flew away into space with it to allow the atomic device to detonate without harm.


Red King's name comes from the fact that Ultraman's original name was "Red Man" and Red King is considered the "King" of Ultra monsters. Red King has been considered one of Ultraman's most popular foes by fans, and has appeared in countless subsequent Ultra Series.

Red King appeared in two incarnations in Ultraman. Presumably, these were two individuals from the same species. Red King's body appears much like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with the long neck, and narrow, pointy head of a Brachiosaurus, and large bulky Gorilla-like arms. Its mouth is armed large dagger-like fangs. Redking's "Shparr!" cry is one of the most characteristic monster sounds from the series (its roars sound very similar to cries of both Godzilla (when he is injured) and it's mixed with the roar used for Gaila/Green Gargantua in War of the Gargantuas), and the monster's pompous forearm gestures foreshadow the showboating of future pro wrestlers and athletes. Red King accomplished little harm to Ultraman, and possesses no special powers, although he is considered by many fans to be one of the show's most powerful monsters.

The Ultraman Edit

This monster re-appeared in the series The Ultraman.

The most powerful monster in the Baladon empire, Red King was unchained after the Science Garrison began bombing the other five kaiju. The powerful brute was confronted by Ghostron, but a quick blast of its purple fire engulfed the creature in a gigantic explosion. Not long after, Gokinezura dared test its luck against Red King. Catching the creature and bashing it with its fists, Red King slaughtered the monster in seconds. The other three monsters dared not to confront Red King, so the creature turned its gaze on the members trapped in the war zone.

In order to save the lives of his friends and end this madness, Hikari transformed into Ultraman Jonias, but Red King was indomitable. The beast ravaged the hero, but Jonias still fought on, using up all of his strength to match Red King. When he did, the other three monsters tried to aid Red King, but some quick Planium Rays killed the monsters. With Jonias distracted, the brute tried to ambush Jonias and leaped into the air, but the warrior formed a crescent-shaped energy slash and launched it at the kaiju. The slash cut straight through Red King’s body, splitting it in half before forcing the remains to explode into a blistering explosion.

Ultraman 80 Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman 80 as Revived Red King (meaning this Red King is the original Red King from the Original Ultraman).

Red King was revived after being wished back to life by Alien Marjin, a genie-like entity who was imprisoned inside of an old jar until being released by three boys who debated about which monster to revive (Eleking and Woo are referenced too.) Shortly after being revived, Red King rampages in the heart of the city and causing mass destruction. Ultraman 80 shows up and after a relatively short battle, Ultraman 80 destroys Red King with the Sakcium Ray.

The PlayStation 2 video game Ultraman: Fighting Evolution 3 has a scenario based on this episode.

Ultraman Powered Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero,

In this series, there are two Red Kings (a female, tan; and a male, red) In their debut appearance the female is seen mostly, attacking Chandrah, Pigmon and WINR before facing Ultraman Powered, she calls out to her male and the two monster briefly double-team Powered. After being dazed by WINR, The female Red King wanders off a cliff to her doom which leaves her mate in sorrow and loss. Ultraman Powered leaves the male Red King to live feeling sympathy for the monster.

A male Red King reappeared near the end of the show but was quickly killed by their version of Dorako. (It's unknown if this is the same Red King from before or not.)

Ultraman Max Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Max

In Ultraman Max, Red King's subtitle is "装甲怪獣"(Soukou Kaijū, Sōkō Kaijū)."装甲" means vehicle armour.

Red King was mentioned in a prophecy as a destructive monster who was sealed underground by a race of Pigmon long ago. However several years in the present after the tomb and the last of Pigmon's race is disturbed, Red King awakens from underground and resumes his rampage on the island he is on. Pigmon uses the guardian monsters of the island, Salamadon and Paragura to fight Red King, but Red King easily beats them both down (individually) and eventually kills them both before shifting his attention to Pigmon. Ultraman Max appears and fights Red King and manages to bury the monster underground during their first time before Paragura appeared, but Red King burrowed away to recover. After Red King kills Salamadon and Paragura he tries to kill Pigmon, but Pigmon is rescued by DASH and Ultraman Max returns for a rematch. After a lengthy battle Red King weakens and becomes highly explosive, with this Ultraman Max carries his to the Earth's atmosphere and destroys him with the Maximum Cannon so that way he could detonate without harming Earth.

Towards the end of the series, Red King returns by a dimensional portal that opens up in the middle of Tokyo and is still highly explosive. However his appearance this time around is more comical as is the other villain that appears to have brought him there: Alien Shama. However, Ultraman Max fights back and defeats him again using the Max Galaxy, twice.

In this series, Red King possessed a breath weapon consisting of impact-explosive rocks, similar to Toho's Megalon, except Red King's were a barrage rather than singular. Presumably these were a type of waste material expunged from the intestines, used as an offensive deterrent (much like monkeys throwing excrement) against an attacker. Also his appearance in the series is the most comical as opposed to his other menacing appearances.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius.

In this series, Red King is revived by Gadiba (a black, misty entity that serves as the pet of Yapool in the series.) Red King is then possessed by Gadiba to attack in the middle of a valley in which GUYS is sent to investigate. After a lengthy battle against GUYS, Ultraman Mebius appears and faces off against Red King. After a relatively short battle, Mebius is victorious. Gadiba however emerges from Red King's body and transforms Red King into Gomora to do battle against Mebius.

This Red King can jump so high it seems like its flying.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.

Red King is first seen interfering in the middle of a battle between Telesdon and Sadora and after a brief brawl, manages to choke Sadora to death. Red King then turned his attention to the ZAP SPACY crew and attacked them but was intercepted by Telesdon and they resumed their battle. The result of the fight is unclear as it's seen that Red King is still pursuing the ZAP SPACY team (the same Telesdon that fought him also returns in the next episode.) Rei confronts Red King himself and calls for his Gomora to do battle against the monster. After a long battle, Gomora is victorious by destroying Red King, destroying his innards with his Oscillatory Ray.

Later on, Red King as well as Telesdon and Neronga are all revived by the bizarre monster, Bullton to do battle against Rei and the ZAP SPACY. Red King doesn't fight until the end but even after displaying some more power than the others combined, he is still destroyed by both Gomora and Litra.

The last that's seen of Red King in this series is in the flashback of a little girl while he was fighting against the monster Earthtron.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Edit

This Monster returns in the sequel series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

In the sequel to the above series, Red King is the 2nd monster owned by Grande (his 1st being Tyrant). Grande first uses Red King to fight against a King Joe Black that's sent to kill them both, but Red King destroys the King Joe Black with ease while Grande escapes death by the Alien Pedan. Towards the end of the series, Grande challenges Rei to another rematch (their second battle resulted in the death of his Tyrant) and Rei complies. The battle goes on for a lengthy amount of time and it appears Red King gains the upper hand after it beats down Gomora senselessly. Rei however transforms into Reimon and charges Gomora with enough power to defeat Red King with ease, however Reimon has Gomora spare Red King and Grande's life after they defeat him and thus leave.

During the series finale, Grande returns and sides with Rei in helping fight against Alien Reiblood (whom has possessed Armored Darkness) using his Red King to assist Gomora. In the end, Gomora and Red King transform into their EX forms and Reiblood meets his demise at the hands of the ZAP SPACY and both EX Gomora and EX Red King.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Red King is one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He's the first to fight Gomora in the Monster Graveyard and even goes for a brief fight against Ultraman Zero before being killed seconds later.



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