File:Redemption Teaser2.jpg
Teaser Poster
Directed by Danny Geraldo
Produced by Danny Geraldo
Matthew Solis
Bobby Ryan
Written by Danny Geraldo
Matthew Solis
Starring Michael Jenkins
Katy Brizendine
Ricki Delgado
Desiree De La Luz
Release date(s) December 9, 2011 (2011-12-09)
Country Template:Film US
Language English

Redemption is an upcoming drama-suspense film produced by Skyline Pictures and directed by Danny Geraldo. Redemption is scheduled to be released December 9, 2011.


A modern drama of life's normality, entwined with an anomalous tale of crime.

Arthur, a young introvert wants more out of life. His past has deferred him from finding true purpose. One day Arthur meets Evelyn, a young artistic woman finding herself paused, as life plays right by her. They find themselves close, soon meeting a deadly obstacle. Past decisions wish to reclaim their consequences. This reclamation soon finds Arthur and Evelyn. The two are forced to take a journey that will test them, but ultimately provide them the redemption they were both seeking..


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