"Regulators" is a classic Moon Man song that was released during his YTMND era. It is a remix of "Regulate" by Warren G. The song appears on the classic mixtape Notorious KKK.

Audrina Patridge performs the chorus, which is supportive of Moon Man's cause.

Lyrics Edit

Moonman here with a new beat That's guaranteed to put niggers on their knees So bend over please Moonman is bringing back the classics, that's a fact Also I think slavery was okay I also want to say I hate gays, that's true And consider this, I gassed over seven million jews Hitler got nothing on me

Taking genocide in stride, no goyim can hide From my double-wide dick All spics can go hang themselves Fuck niggers and jews, I hate every one of you And listen here for a little known fact Moonman once knew a black I went to his shit apartment and raped his dog Made that nigger shit out a log And Kanye go fuck yourself spook You're a nigger too, you smell like poo And Kim Kardashian probably sticks her dick up your butt every night You're probably not even tight What the fuck is up with niggers and starvation Look at Ethiopia, fuck their entire nation Have you ever had Ethiopian cuisine? Nobody has, not even one of their own I give niggers my bone I don't even give a fuck Still sticking it up the butt to this very day But not in a gay way I'm not even homosexual And I don't fuck jews Like the olden days I still own them And never lose Air Jordan welfare retards and spics Their only job is riding Moonman's dick

[Audrina] Moonman you're a fucking god Nobody can shatter your facade You fuck niggers and spics and you just don't care About other races that pollute the air Moonman you're a fucking god Nobody can shatter your facade You fuck niggers and spics and you just don't care About other races that pollute the air

Damn right bitch, now listen up You may be thinking that I'm completely intolerant Yes, that is true, and I really hate jews You goyim fuck, get the fuck out of my pockets Shalom, whatever, just go the fuck home I don't even care about you, it's not worth it Like Hitler, now I'm gonna go burn it Now back to the verse I try not to curse But it's hard when I'm rapping about fags with a purse Like your mom Toss her my bone every night Doesn't even fight Takes it like the family dog I cuck your dad hard like moot Not even worth talking aboot I hate Canadians too In fact I hate every country Doesn't even matter if it's Mexico or Burundi I probably hate Israel the most But also Uganda But at least they slaughter their homos in bunches like the bananas they eat Fucking niggers are just like monkeys Got no house for their keys Uncivilized and unwise Walk around like "ooga booga" Been steady speaking ebonics What am I even saying anymore? I just think that all black women are whores Mexican girls fuck horses all day Spics in general are all just fucking gay So before you try to argue with me Just know that you are fucking gay

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