"Religion Of Peace" is a Moon Man song that condemns muslims and islam. For a backing track it uses "No Way Out" by Mixla Productions. It was recorded for WhiteTopia and also later added to The Ultimate Collection - Part 1.

Lyrics Edit

What the fuck would WhiteTopia be without a song ripping it into those middle eastern towelheads? Check it 1, 1, 2

Guess who the fuck is back Smacking the black and killing this track Oh it's M-O-O-N Moon, man With my White brethren killing it yet again, oh yeah I'm about to drop bombs While I lay it down and do islam's Fucked and twisted point of view Sure, you might also hate the jew But that ain't enough for me not to screw With the religion I have no fucking regards to Come on, you ragheads Are worse than those nig nog rasta dreads Stepping it up like "allahu akbar" I'm about to get fucked, closing the snackbar You've think you've got it all "Islam will never fall" Please, I can get any jihad chick to suck my balls

Bring it Let's go Fucking brownie-looking motherfuckers If only we had enslaved you too like those black spearchuckers All of a sudden you all drive taxis now? Your faith is more ridiculous than indians and their sacred cow Fuck yeah, I drew Mohammed Come at me and I'll fill you up with lead On you man, you pig-ugly goat-fucking towelhead By the end each and every single of one will be dead Bring it, the Moon has no regret Filling you all up with lead And not giving a fuck if it offends the feds That's just how I roll Racist, pissed off, and out of control And I'm about to maximize the death toll Muslims? I don't give a fuck I'd rather fuck one of my cousins By the looks of it, that's something that you're already accustomed

Triple K Mafia My trigger finger itches whenever I see ya This is my time Fuck it, I don't even need to rhyme

Remember the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Or how these goatfuckers are more out of control than the blacks Hard to believe it's even possible Next time I hope a muslim gets pulled over by an unfriendly constable You've done enough damage Time to pull out my chainsaw and go on a jihad allahu snackbar rampage

[terrorist monkeytalk]

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