The Klansmen noticed that their last single (The Three Klansmen) Didn't get the recognition it deserved and some people said "Wait who are those 2 dudes with a cloud and a star mask?", So the have gone back to the studio to make this song, the song was originally Going To be a single but instead, it became the 17th Track on the Album

Also this song samples (or possibly redone) on the hook from diffrent songs

  • Cloudman's hook samples Changes, and the three klansmen and In The Clouds
  • Starman's Hook Samples Changes, And I Kill Niggers and insane in the brain and the three klansmen
  • Moonman's Hook Sampled Crank that, Notorious KKK, Fuck The Immigrants, and something from a classic skit


Remember me?

(Suprise bitch now leave you in tears)

Remember Me?

(Blowing niggers away like hotline miami)

Remember Me?

(You can find me in the clouds)

Remember me?

(Cloud man mother fuckers)

Sicker than your average coon slayer

Fuck you queers, leaving you in tears

Stay in fear, hurting your feel

Triple k is the real deal

Dont miss with me or

I will kick your ass like how i did to that nigger in the race war

Love seeing you liberal faggots cry more and more

Whatever you say

I wil still go to the club and fuck a whore right away

Killing you faggots any day

Spraying you away with my a k

Killing all of you niggers for the k k k

I killed that nigger jamar

Now you know what im on

Fuck your entire nigger movement

You're not as powerfull as KKK-Unit

Bow down, fuck up your mouth

What did cat catch your tongue?

You will die when you miss with me, son

The black market is where i came from

Remember me?

(I see no changes)

Remember me?

(Who you trying to get crazy with, ese?)

Remember me?

(Not giving a fuck about your dad)

Remember me?

(You will be in a grave soon)

Fucking your sad little mommy

You fucking asian commie

Hope your face gets wiped out by a fucking tsunami

Killing niggers and commies is my hobby

No competitor can be better

Than the man behind the star

Dropping the bars faster

Than sand niggers yelling allahu akbar

My rhymes are like bombs

Love seeing commie brains fly high

Love seeing niggers die

My name should be: commie-die-you-faggot

I'm on some hot ass crack

Your head is where i stab

Get back you fag

The moon squad is ready to attack

When you see us, know our shit is fat

Every track i be on, i murder it

Disagree with me and suck my dick

Killing any nigger pushing up sticks

Eat my shit you communists

Remember Me?

(Crank That nigger)

Remember me?

(Ready to twist niggers heads off)

Remember me?

(Fuck the immigrants, fuck them all)

Remember me?

(A shopping cart full of cactuses and a marching band)

When i go out

Imma go out kill a young nigger

Cause those black live matter idiots are getting bigger

Star man wants to know whats its all about, why do they scream and shout

They just riot all the time at my house

Niggers are idiots no doubts

Killing them all in baltimore with a c4

Then going home to fuck a whore right in the asshole

Cant wait for the fucking race war to break out

We are the masterrace no doubt

Bombing a feminazi like a kamikazi

Fucking her then, then kill her

Those fucking liberals destroying our country awfully

Those niggers aint got shit on me

So fuck off with your toxic race

Cause we are the one and only white superior masterrace

And you niggers are just a fucking disgrace

You only deserve a gun pointed at your face

Kill a nigger and send him to hell right away

Burning you jews in your cells all day

You cant escape the triple k

Me, the cloud , and the star we will kick your ass

Before you sand nigger can yell allahu akbar

All of you arabs are fucking crazy, you never relax

When i go to your country i will bring a bomb, a match, blow burj khalifa and call it aftermath

Star man show em where its at

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