Reptar is a fictional dinosaur from the American animated television series Rugrats. Reptar is green and sometimes red-violet and lilac, with rounded, blue spike-like appendages on his back, which makes him resemble Godzilla.


Reptar (played by Ben Ulman) was conceived by Rugrats story editors and producers and was featured in Louis Greenstein and Larry Loebell's episode, "Incident in Aisle Seven."[citation needed].


Occasionally, Reptar is seen as a hero who helps save the world, and on other occasions he is seen as a villain, reflecting the different ways Godzilla has been portrayed; however, since the kids all love him and look up to him, he is more often than not shown to be heroic which is another similarity with Godzilla. Reptar first appeared as a Rugrats character on the packaging of a cereal box. He gained popularity as he became a more important part of the story line. In the world of the Rugrats, Reptar has excellent marketing presence; he appears in movies, ice skating shows, food packaging, TV shows, action figures, amusement parks and various merchandising.

The Rugrats would often meet Reptar, or someone dressed like him, in their imaginations. Most often, it would be at some sort of public event featuring a slightly-cranky man in a Reptar suit, although his face is visible through the mouth. He would then be regarded as a hero by the kids and sometimes by other adults, such as when a Reptar actor stopped Stu's crazy robotic dragon at a medieval faire. At the Reptar on Ice! stage show, the man playing Reptar (wearing a more realistic Reptar costume and mask than the other actors did) had a strong fear of lizards and disliked kids. Coincidentally, he was named Leo, like the actor who played Reptar at the carnival in "Reptar's Revenge." In that episode, however, Leo had brown hair and in "Reptar on Ice," Leo was blonde. He was voiced by John Schuck in his "Reptar on Ice" appearance.

Reptar also appears in the All Grown Up! episode Curse of Reptar, when the Pickles family builds a pool. While digging, one of the workers finds a Reptar toy hidden in the ground by Spike. At that point, Reptar seems to have lost popularity as Dil Pickles has no memories of Reptar, and the rest of the kids only remember him from their early childhoods. Also, there is the Reptar Wagon, which says "I Am Reptar, Hear Me Roar!," which is a parody of "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar."

In popular cultureEdit

  • On the Christian Metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada's album "Plagues", there is a track called "Reptar, King of the Ozone". They also have a t-shirt, as well as a hoodie, featuring the character, but with green spikes instead of teal and red eyes instead of orange.
  • Reptar is featured on Smosh's video The Haunting.

As an amusement park attractionEdit

Template:Infobox roller coaster Rugrats Runaway Reptar are a collection of several different junior inverted roller coaster designed by Vekoma which first debuted in 2001 at Kings Island. It was the first inverted coaster designed specifically for children. The years 2002 and 2003 saw the Rugrats named coaster open at Dreamworld and Carowinds.

Ride DescriptionEdit

The ride has one train, which has 10 cars with two seats on each car. The safety system consists of over-the-shoulder restraints that lock into place and then a belt-type connector that attaches the seat base to the over-the-shoulder restraints.

Riders are taken up 14 metres (Script error ft) by a wheeled lift hill, and go through a tight helix, followed by a series of small turns and drops. Upon approaching the station, the ride is slowed by a magnetic brake run.

Often two staff members are required to operate the ride. One is designated as the ride operator and is responsible for checking the restraints on the first six rows and operates the ride and safety mechanisms. The other employee is designated as a ride attendant and is responsible for letting guests into the loading platform, ensuring the guests are of the proper height, making seat assignments, and checking the restraints on the last six rows of the coaster. In order to launch the coaster both the ride operator and attendant must verify that the coaster is ready to launch. However, some parks require three staff members. One person checking restraints on the Load side, one to check restraints on the Unload side, check for proper height and operate a dual dispatch function, and one stationary driver. In such cases, all three operators must verify that the coaster is ready to launch.


Name Amusement Park Location Opening Date Track Colour RCDB page
Rugrats Runaway Reptar Kings Island Mason, Ohio, United States of America 2001 Yellow/Green [1]
Rugrats Runaway Reptar Dreamworld Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia 2002-12-26 Orange/Green [2]
Rugrats Runaway Reptar Carowinds Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America 2003-03-22 Orange/Green [3]

Rugrats Runaway Reptar (Kings Island)Edit

Rugrats Runaway Reptar at Kings Island, installed in 2001, was the park's fourth kids' coaster. Silver Streak at Paramount Canada's Wonderland opened at the same time as the identical coaster at Kings Island.[1] The height restriction for riders is between 44 and 77 inches (Expression error: Unexpected < operator. and Expression error: Unexpected < operator. cm). It is rated as a Type 4 or High Thrill ride.

They were billed as the first inverted kids' coasters in the world.[1]


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