Resurrection Planet is a Christian science fiction book written by Lucas Cole.


Possibly the first "Christian Sci-Fi" book that takes place after the Second Coming, this novel puts End-Times theology square into the path of the "undead" fiction genre. Resurrection Planet (2009) is a military science fiction/zombie novel that takes the post-Apocalyptic scenario back to its original meaning of Apocalypse. The story takes place in the distant future, but only a few years after the second coming of Christ has finally occurred on Earth. However, space travel long has been underway and there is one remnant of the Old Earth governments. This last rebellious government is the "Revived Roman Empire" and it depends upon a special ore for interplanetary travel. The bulk of this ore is found on a distant province, Sybaris, a desert planet coming to be known as Resurrection Planet. Sybaris is a place where "the dead don't say dead for long." Into this truly universal conflict comes a bizarre "uprising" of deadheads, former miners and engineers returning from a devastating explosion that was thought to have wiped them out. Arriving to assess the problem is Ron Crisp, former Major in the Imperial Marine Forces and now a 'facilitator' for the Elemental Mining Company, the chief financial backer of the Revived Roman Empire. Crisp's mission: put down the uprising of the deadheads and restore mining operations. His pay-off: the planet Sybaris...minus its mineral rights. Problem: Crisp is infected with the deadhead virus, moments after his arrival on the planet.[1]

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