Dragon Tiles featuring The Revenge of Rusak is a short accessory designed for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

A sequel to the Kidnapping of Princess Arelina accessory[1], it features Dragon Tiles, which are cardboard cutouts which can be arranged in different ways to make a variety of dungeon maps. In addition cardboard figurine cutouts which can be used in a manner similar to miniatures, and a short adventure designed to use the pieces that come with the supplement, are included.

It was misprinted with the designation AC3. AC5 stickers were then placed over the misprint. Both were in error, as AC5 was the designation for the 1984 printing of the Player Character Record Sheets. Though the printing was never corrected, later publications gave it the designation of AC8[2].

The Revenge of RusakEdit

Pre-generated CharactersEdit

The adventure uses the same characters presented in Kidnapping of Princess Arelina with some modifications for using the Expert rules and level advancement over time. It is designed for four to six adventurers of 6th to 8th level of experience.


The Revenge of Rusak is a direct sequel to the events depicted in the Kidnapping scenario from the previous set of Dragon Tiles.

The former warden of the land, Ernst Zieglar, killed the king, raised Rusak, and usurped the kingdom. The group runs across the fleeing former princess and thus comes into the adventure. They attempt to guide her to a meeting of loyalist in the hopes of taking back the kingdom.

Rusak interferes at every step and eventually the group chases the wizard back to his hideout in the hills where a final confrontation takes place.


  • Fungoid
  • Rusak (Illusionist)


The cardboard cutouts that come with this module depict a small tent encampment, a wilderness area with a large lake, figures for the characters used in the adventure, and an underground tunnel.

Many of the cutouts include instructions for folding them into three dimensional shapes to add depth to the game board.


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